It’s definitely a wonder why love handles were named love handles. I mean there is nothing to love about them. The excess fat present in the sides of the waist that usually sits on top on pants is referred to as love handles. There are many exercises which are aimed at getting rid of that particular area like side crunches. But the fact is even the long term exercises can’t have you get rid of them. To get rid of love handles and lower belly fat, you need to make some changes in your lifestyle including your diet plan, exercise, and daily routines. The lifestyle changes you need to adapt to get liberate yourself from that excess fat are:

 Consume little to no added sugar

There are many items which we use in daily life and never realize what they are doing to us. Leading among them is beverages. Beverages have a very high amount of added sugar and are a great contributor in body fat especially belly fat. Besides beverages, candies, cookies, and sports drinks are all a very big supplier of added sugars. Natural sugars are not added in this category like the sugars present in fruits. Cutting the amount of added sugar will help greatly in cutting down the body fat including love handles.

 Ingest healthy fats

It is a misconception that filling yourself up with fats makes you fat. The fact is filling up with healthy fats actually makes you slimmer. Healthy fats include nut, avocados, fatty fish, olive oil, etc. Consuming healthy fats makes you feel full for long hours and hence have you to ingest a lower amount of calories. Do make sure to include healthy fats in your daily menu.

Focus on fiber

One of the easy ways to get rid of those stubborn love handles is filling up on fiber. Fiber is present in fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, and oats. Fiber has a unique way of lowering your consumptions by slowing down the process of digestion. This will prevent you from the feelings of hunger after short periods of time. Adding up the fiber in your daily routines is one of the easiest ways to lose weight and ridding yourself from love handles and belly fat.

 Keep yourself moving

These days, many of the jobs are ones which require you to work sitting in your seat for long hours. This lack of mobilization is very harmful to your body. Besides gaining weight, this style of life is injurious to your health as well. Always make sure to keep yourself moving like getting up and walking to the cooler to get yourself a glass of water or going to the canteen to grab some food. This little mobilization is guaranteed to go a long way in improving your health and losing love handles.

 Lower your stress level

A perfect statement from Frozen is “Let it go.” There are a lot of things in life which can’t be changed, and there is nothing you can do about. Stressing yourself up is just damaging yourself, mentally as well as physically. It is not considered much, but it’s true that high-stress levels gift you with love handles. Take less stress just the healthy amount of it which is needed to keep you going. But don’t let it take over you completely.

 Weight lifting

Lifting weights and making it a routine will help immensely in ridding you of the unwanted fat. Weight lifting is strength training which contracts muscles to introduce strength in it. These types of exercises especially the ones that give pressure to your lower torso are a great way to reduce the fat and free yourself from very much unwanted love handles. There are lot of popular websites that offer great workouts such as Fitnessator, MuscleAndFitness, and others.

 Sleeping patterns

Sleep is a part of our everyday life, and there are very few times that we consider what effects it has on our bodies. A great saying “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” is damn true. Getting enough amount of sleep, neither too much nor too less just the healthy amount and the timings of your sleep will make great changes in you. Lack of sleep can actually result in a weight gain. Get around 7 – 8 hours of sleep every night to keep yourself healthy and fit.

 Increase protein intake

Boosting up your protein intake is very effective in losing weight. Low amount of protein can result in increasing your belly fat. It is a very smart decision if you increase the level of protein intake in your daily meals. It even avoids the urge of snacks which is a notable contributor in body weight and fat.

 Cardio workout

Indulge yourself in cardio workouts. These workouts increase your heart rate for a long period of time and cut down your weight including love handles. Getting involved in the aerobic workouts like running, swimming, spinning, brisk walk or just simple beginners aerobic workout will help a lot in cutting down your belly fat.

Conclusively, to get rid of love handles and lower body fat you should take great care of what you are eating around the day, how much of the movement you are making around the day and what kind of life you are living, stressed one or just freeing yourself up and focusing on staying happy.