New Jersey is a state filled with wonders and plenty of National Records. The state is known for being one of the most populated cities in the country, having the most number of resorts and home to the tallest water tower in the U.S.

Aside from these records, New Jersey is also a member of the 33 states who moved to legalize the use of medical marijuana. The state even holds the record for one of the earliest to legalize cannabis being the 14th on the list.

To legally use medical marijuana, all you have to do is secure a New Jersey Medical Marijuana Card, and you will be able to use cannabis for medicinal purposes.

Securing a medical marijuana card in New Jersey

The state usually gives a medical marijuana card or a cannabis card to people who qualify under the confines of their medical conditions.

To secure a New Jersey Medical Marijuana Card, you need to comply with state requirements. Several documents are required when filing for a cannabis permit, including a valid government identification card, recent photo, proof of residency, and a signed medical certification from a licensed New Jersey physician.

Regardless of the 33 states which legalized the use of marijuana, national health agencies require you to file a request. Luckily, sites like Veriheal have emerged to simplify the process of getting a medical marijuana card.

 Types of Medical Marijuana

Different types of medical marijuana are available in cannabis dispensaries around the state. Here are the most commonly sold cannabis and their available forms:


If you are familiar with vapes or juuls, then that is how marijuana vaporizers work.

Cannabis dispensaries usually sell cannabis enhanced vaporizers at a low price, but there are ones that you can get at a much higher cost depending on the quality.

You can tell the dosage of the marijuana you are getting based on the vaporizer’s cartridge. Usually, the ones at the cannabis dispensaries will explain to you how to use it and how it works if you are a first-time user.


Edible cannabis is also available from brownies to chocolate bars. Cannabis dispensaries usually offer edibles infused with medical marijuana.

Although these pastries and sweets are fun and delicious to eat, it may come with a bit of a dosage challenge. Marijuana-enhanced food needs time to get the full effect compared to other options.

However, once the substance gets into your bloodstreams, people say it has a better effect compared to other cannabis forms. Also, people can take them anywhere, especially when they are following a strict time for medication.


If you do not want the taste of marijuana, and you are not a fan of edibles, oral medication and capsules are better options.

As long as you have a New Jersey Medical Marijuana Card, dispensaries will allow you to purchase the right dosage of marijuana pills for medication.

Its effects kick in similar to edibles, but with a much accurate dosage, so you are sure that you are taking the right amount.


Medical marijuana also comes in spray form, which you can easily use and bring anywhere.

The effects of medical marijuana sprays usually take much faster compared to edibles or pills. However, it does have a distinct taste, which is not as good as the ones you get from edibles.

Topical wax

Topical wax is like ordinary topical ointments but infused with marijuana.

This type of cannabis medication is usually used for chronic pain experienced in specific body parts like back and shoulder pains, and even injuries.

It takes about an hour to relish effect and leaves a distinct marijuana smell. However, it can effectively alleviate pain and soreness.


If you live in New Jersey and are experiencing certain medical conditions, check with a physician and get a medical marijuana card so you can take advantage of the cannabis treatment option.