Would you like more clients for your health practice, increased revenue, and more time to deliver high-quality care? If you answered yes, you will enjoy the benefits of a health copywriter. Pew research has shown that over 93 million Americans have searched for health information online. 

However, people cannot find accurate and up-to-date information to help with their health needs. Healthcare providers ought to invest in digital marketing content that is client-focused.

This is especially important when more and more people are turning to ‘Dr. Google’ for their healthcare needs. A health copywriter can help you create a content strategy that will attract new clients and help you keep your current clients, this will grow your business. 

First, I will break down what copywriting is — copywriting is a message strategy that encourages the reader to take action. That being said, a skilled health copywriter can encourage your clients to purchase a new product, join your mailing list, and engage with your content. Copywriting is an art and ought to be handled with care by someone who can create a compelling story with words. 

 I know a huge priority of yours is providing your patients with the best care, however, this will not push your business forward. You need to focus on: building your brand (the image you want to present to the world), communicating your value, and carving out your role as an authority and expert. 

A health copywriter can help you do this by helping you stay ahead of the pack by writing well-researched content that will engage and make clients fans for life. Don’t believe me, here are 14 statistics that support the need for a strong content strategy.

Create a Delightful Brand That Will Attract Clients

What do you think can help you set yourself apart from your competitors?

Are you an expert in your field? How do you convince your clients of this truth? These are questions to keep in mind when you are building a brand your clients can trust. 

For instance, if you cannot determine your ‘why’ there is a good chance those who you want to attract will not either. Again, you are the expert, you must be clear on your company’s mission, values, and vision. 

Jeff Lagasse an editor at Healthcare Finance News said: “Consumers want to interact with brands like they would interact with Netflix from a content perspective or Amazon from a shopping perspective.” In this case, I would say “yes pressure”… Good news, health copywriters can help you create compelling messaging that will resonate with your clients through an artful use of words. 

Also, health copywriters will help you develop the best tone and voice for your health care practice. In 2019 and beyond, content is king you need to engage with your clients by providing value at every step with useful and informative content. I know what you are thinking, how can you find the time in between your busy day? 

Imagine — hiring a health copywriter to engage with your clients, update your blog, and post exciting and frequent social media updates.

Fulfill Your Clients Desire For Value

Here’s the thing, people are having more decision fatigue more than ever, in our modern era. There are endless options out there and tons of health care providers and practices to choose from. To be honest — your job is to help your client make an easy decision by communicating your value effectively. 

What makes you unique? Why should your ideal client choose you over your competition across the street from you? 

Your clients are often in pain and confused, they need reassurance and compassionate care. A recent study showed that out of 800 patients, only 53% felt that their health care provider was empathetic. You ought to communicate care and hope to your clients at every step. But how you might ask? 

A health copywriter can help craft elegant words that will touch the hearts and minds of your clients.

Highlight Your Professional Wins

Let me guess, you may have graduated top of your class and have a huge collection of degrees and certifications — But, so has your competition. 

Your website ought to highlight your credentials and qualifications clearly and concisely. All information on your website ought to be easy-to-read and understand. Most people prefer reading at a 7th-grade reading level. These tweaks will enhance and build trust with time. 

Therefore, hiring a health copywriter will allow you to spend more time doing what you do well while they help you create written words that will establish you as the expert that you are. They can turn confusing medical jargon into plain ole English.

It is okay to keep things simple, as long as your communication is clear.

Wrapping it Up

You now understand the rare treasure that you will find in a health copywriter. They will help attract new clients while helping you keep your current clients. Be honest, would it be nice to have more time with patients and less time having to perform less productive tasks? 

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