If you want to practice yoga, going to a tropical paradise is the best way to practice this relaxation and exercise technique. Ubud in Bali, in particular, is the ultimate getaway to relax the mind, body, and spirit. The picturesque landscapes of Ubud, which feature rainforests and terraced rice paddies dotted with Hindu temples and shrines, are not only painterly but encourage the mind to slow down and enter a rural living pace.

Yoga is a big thing in Ubud, and you’ll find many resources on where to find the top yoga retreats in Bali. If you do some yoga during your vacation, you’ll be able to relieve your anxiety and stress, and you’ll likely return home more relaxed and refreshed. You can also click here to learn more about Bali Yoga training.

Here are seven quick tips for choosing Bali Yoga retreats in Ubud that’ll be sure to help rejuvenate you.


Yoga is not just a physical exercise, but it’s also a means of taking in the scenery and interacting with the environment. When you get into a meditative state, you want surroundings that complement your inner state of centeredness, peace, and tranquility.

Thus, location is important in choosing the perfect yoga spot. Since Ubud is already a tropical paradise by itself, most yoga centers in this area will qualify as a perfect spot. You can find out more about the relaxing experience of yoga in Ubud by watching this video.

The following are just some of the places to try out:

  • Yoga Barn: Ubud is close to the Monkey Forest, which is located in the southern part of Ubud. It’s surrounded by tropical flowers, lotus, and bamboo, which will all help you to get into that meditative vibe.
  • Ubud Yoga House: The yoga house has gorgeous views of the jungle and rice fields, and many visitors have complimented its lovely view.
  • Taksu Yoga: the setting of Taksu Yoga is quaint and lovely. It’s located in a jungle in a temple away from the main road with all the traffic and noise.

It overlooks a gurgling stream. It also has the perfect view for some soul centering and mind centering.

Choosing A Teacher

A guide or a coach is important in selecting the perfect yoga place in Ubud. Yoga has been entrenched in the life of the people, and you’ll find that there are many experienced teachers around Ubud.

A good teacher should make you feel supported and cared for. They’ll help relieve your anxiety by helping you breathe properly. They should also have an in-depth knowledge of yoga and will be able to support you depending on your skill level.

Size of Class

The size of the class matters because it’ll affect your yoga experience; the size of the class influences the kind of yoga experience you’ll have. If the class is large, the instructor will not be able to assist each individual student.

Some teachers can accommodate and give quality instruction even to a large class, but some may not be able to. If you’re also the type of person looking for friendships, you may have to choose a smaller class so you can form deeper relationships with your fellow yoga students.


You should know how much you’ll be spending for a yoga class and whether the retreat offers other perks along with the yoga class. Don’t be too attracted to a cheap price because this may entail downsides, such as large classes.

You have to ask yourself if you want quality or quantity. If you want some quality, you may have to pay more for a good experience.

Skill Level

There are many types of yoga, and as you advance your skills, you’ll have different needs. Some yoga retreats are better for beginners, while some retreats have more advanced classes. Thus, you should set your expectations based on what the retreat house offers.

For example, you may want a more challenging yoga, but the retreat house only offers restorative or meditative yoga. As a tip, look around for the right level of skill and experience you’re looking for.


Most Ubud yoga retreats will have other amenities besides yoga class. Yoga students have needs such as food, relaxing massages, and spas. Some yoga houses function as a full resort with guest accommodation, restaurant, juice bar, and a spa.

If you have specific dietary needs, you’ll also find that some yoga houses have healthy restaurants that serve vegan food.


You should also choose a yoga retreat based on its level of luxury. Some yoga retreats will be a good choice for its beautiful setting that allows you to appreciate the scenery of a tropical paradise and the small class size. There are also hotels in Ubud that offer yoga classes, which allow you to get all the perks of modern living, such as air conditioning.

Final Thoughts

Yoga is a great way to be healthy in mind and spirit. Do some yoga on your vacation and get twice the relaxation.

There are many things to consider when selecting the best retreat, and you should take note of them to get the best experience.

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