CBD products are recently getting more and more popular. They are often used in the health and wellness industries, which is a good sign. It’s possible to get cannabidiol products in a variety of forms, for example, CBD edibles, oils, beverages, capsules, vape pens, and many, many more.

Unfortunately, a lot of people still don’t know much about CBD. A lot of people think that it’ll make them high, as they confuse it with marijuana. They don’t know what CBD means, and so on. However, those who’ve done their research still have some doubts. One of the most frequently asked questions concerns CBD storing. In this article, you’ll learn what the best conditions to store cannabidiol products are, and what are the things that you should avoid.

Inappropriate cannabidiol products storing may indeed have a negative impact on their properties and flavour. If you’re not sure how to store cbd products, here you’ll find out everything you have to know about this matter. Make sure to follow these tips, and your oil, edibles, and other CBD variations will always stay fresh, and keep all their properties.

How long can CBD product stay good?

The answer is simple – as long as it’s kept in appropriate conditions. If you store it in proper conditions, it’s possible to keep CBD oil properties even for a year. Unfortunately, after this time, it’s not possible for it to not break-down unless you keep it in the refrigerator. It has to happen because it’s a natural product. So, if you can’t eat or use it all before that time, you should throw it out. But what are the proper storing conditions?

Places with low temperature are perfect for CBD

Cold places are ideal for storing CBD. You can keep them in the fridge, however, low temperatures usually make CBD oil thicker. You can quickly solve this issue, just by placing a bottle under warm water. After a few minutes, it should be ready to consume.

Hot temperatures will always break down your CBD stock. So, if you have any appliances that produce heat, for example, oven, or TV, never put CBD near them.

Don’t expose CBD to sunlight

Just like some other nutraceuticals, CBD is sensitive to sunlight. So, if you store it in a place where it’s directly exposed to sunlight, you can be sure that it won’t keep its properties much longer. Notice that most CBD products come in opaques, that are designed to protect the product from light. So, it’s good to keep original containers and store them inside them. A perfect place would be a dark, cool shelf, preferably far away from open windows. If you see CBD product in clear bottle, it might look tempting to buy, but it for sure won’t keep its properties for as long as CBD that comes in opaque.

Keep it sealed within an air-tight container

On top of light, and temperature, oxygen also has a negative impact on CBD storing. If you want CBD to stay as effective as possible, always keep it in air-tight containers. Cannabidiol products, especially oils, often come in containers, that protects them from air exposure. At first, it might be hard to remember but always double-check whether you closed the product after using it.

How long can CBD last once it’s opened?

If you stick to the tips from above, you can be sure that CBD will be good for another year (sometimes even up to two years). Keep it away from the light, hot temperatures and humidity, and you’ll be able to enjoy CBD for a long, long time.

How can you determine whether CBD went bad?

In most cases, you’ll finish your CBD oil or edibles, before it’s even close to the expiration date. Such a situation is very unlikely to happen. But, how can you tell that your CBD oil has gone bad? There are a few signs that indicate the products are not appropriable anymore.

You surely noticed that CBD oils have a strong, aromatic smell. It has a lot of “flavours”, for example, mint leaves, olive oil, etc. But, when the oil goes bad, you’ll notice that aroma that used to be enjoyable is no longer there, and the oil feels rancid. If you see that it happened, don’t take the CBD oil. Unfortunately, there is nothing that you can do, and the only solution is to throw the cannabidiol product out in this case.

So, to sum everything up, if you want to keep your CBD oil properties, don’t keep it in a car, window sill, in a bathroom or near heat-producing devices like television, oven, stoves, dishwashers etc. Store it in dark, not humid places, for example in a shelf that is located far away from the window. If you don’t mind to lose a minute or two, it’s best to put CBD product in a refrigerator. Then you can be sure that it’ll stay fresh. If you stick to these tips, you’ll be able to enjoy your CBD products for a long time, and they shouldn’t ever go bad.

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