Health is an invaluable aspect of your life and we’d do anything to protect our loved ones and ourselves from pain, getting older, falling ill, and many other unpleasant but inevitable experiences.

There are more and more new products on the cosmetic and pharmaceutic market that concerns promise to work miracles. However, only a few of them actually do the job. One of the relatively new and effective components in the field is CBD oil.

CBD oil has already become a common auxiliary remedy in both medical and beauty treatments. Here are the most popular benefits and example uses of the oil.

Pain Relief

CBD oils can be highly effective analgesics if used properly. To benefit from the oils on this issue you can use the oils orally as well as topically. Our organism and skin are armed with cannabinoid receptors which enable the CBD oil to help us relieve the pain. CBD is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

For these reasons, we can include analgesic balms and salves (such as CBD pain cream 200mg) into our after workout rituals, treatments for neuropathy, cancer or rheumatoid arthritis.

If the level of pain is high and you suffer from a progressive chronic disease, you might need a complex CBD oil treatment planned under the control of your doctor. Remember — oils can’t replace your basic medications. Always consult the use of CBD products with a specialist.

Acne Reduction

Skin problems can be a real pain. The most common skin disease is probably acne resulting in, i.e., skin inflammation (also bacterial) and scars. Deep acne scars are especially our generation’s (the millennials) torment since as teenagers we were using steroid ointments. Today, dermatologists would find such a treatment unacceptable.

CBD oil’s regenerating and above-mentioned anti-inflammatory properties are doing great dealing with acne. The oil soothes irritancies, reduces even old scars, and normalises the production of sebum. Systematical use of CBD oil facial cream will also keep your skin properly moisturised — overdrying the skin is a common mistake and leads to exacerbation of acne.

Anti-Ageing Properties

Maintaining a healthy, young appearance is probably a dream of most of us but we either are too lazy to do anything about it or we approach the beauty aspect from the wrong side. Fight wrinkles and free radicals with the help of CBD oil preparations! The main compound of CBD oil that helps our skin in this area are antioxidants.

It’s especially difficult to take care of sensitive skin. This kind of skin is extremely exposed to damages and irritations caused by external factors but also by using inappropriate cosmetics. CBD oil will only soothe the inflammations keep your skin healthy and hydrated.Calming Effects

The use of CBD oils is also well-known in treating sleep disorders, depression and anxiety, PTSD, and ADD as a natural sedative. Hemp oil only contains trace amounts of THC which makes it completely safe for people suffering from mental illnesses. THC in patients with mental health conditions may cause the severity of symptoms since it increases the production of a stress hormone called creatinine.

There are special CBD oil sedatives dedicated to pets, as well. In this case, CBD oils can be a great help in fighting separation anxiety, decreasing stress levels during visits at a vet’s office or travelling.

If you’re a mental health clinic patient, it’s necessary to ask your psychiatrist about using CBD oils in your case before getting them on your own.

The same goes for treating your pets — consult their vet first to adjust the appropriate dose and make sure that your pet can take such kind of tranquiliser at all.

Appetite Stimulation

Appetite stimulation is especially significant in patients with cancer and during chemotherapy. The patients experience such problems as nausea, chronic vomiting and pain, and weight loss.

Of course, CBD oils can also be applied in many different, typically gastric problems, e.g. in treatments for irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease or ulcers.

Stopping Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is caused not only by genes but also by an unhealthy diet, lack of physical activity (physical activity supports removing free-radicals, i.e., from our brain — one of the causes of Alzheimer’s Disease), monotonous work, and stress.

Thanks to the antioxidants present in CBD oils and calming properties, systematical oral use of the oils can support stopping further development of the illness. Antioxidants help our organism remove free-radicals, while the calming properties help us relax which is crucial for our brain to recover. Unfortunately, it’ll only be effective in the early stage of the disease.

However, it’s proven that even once Alzheimer’s disease is already too developed to stop or slow down the brain-damaging process, CBD oil can still have a positive impact on a patient’s emotional condition. The oil helps stabilise patient’s mood, decreases aggression and violent outbursts, and eases anxiety and agitation.

Keep in Mind

CBD oils are officially considered as a food supplement and they can’t replace any medical treatment. If you suffer from any health condition, you need to consult your doctor before including the oils into your diet. The same goes for animals — help your pets with CBD oils under veterinarian’s control!

Always choose CBD oils of good quality. The price very often plays a significant role here — it can suggest that the hemp (or marijuana if it’s legal in your state or country) was cultivated for oil production only. Otherwise, there’s a risk that the oil you want to buy is just a byproduct of farming industrial hemp, which means that the extracted oil can be contaminated with fertilizers and pesticides. Before buying a bottle, check where it comes from!

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