The global food supplement market is burgeoning and currently stands at 120 billion dollars. The annual growth figures veer around 6%. The main markets that jostle for primacy are North America and Europe.  There are some online dietary supplement manufacturers that manufacture some of the best quality supplements in the world that enhance your health in every which way.

New Trends in the Industry

What are the latest supplement trends in the market? What are the key supplements that the consumers are rooting for in this year going to the next? Check out here.

Vegetable powders

Vegetable powders are becoming a firm favorite with consumers. They boast of flavors and have great amalgamation nutrient blends in one small serving. With more and more consumers joining the healthy food bandwagon when people are unable to eat more fruits and vegetables, they turn to powders for acquiring the right flavor, nutrition, and texture within food supplements.

The popular trend can see fruit powders such as goji berry, acai berry, and cranberry and so on and it is used in both beauty powders and sports nutrition products due to their numerous benefits.


Soybeans are a big part of the legume family which includes foods in the lines of peas, kidney beans, and peanuts. Soy is the most overtly used processed food around the world; there are foods such as broths, meat substitutes, cereal, and processed meats.

The idea of going soy-free is actually catching on as many people are allergic to soy as the body takes a soy product to be an invader and creates antibodies against them creating an autoimmune condition. The immune system helps release histamines which protect the body but creates an allergic reaction. Most vegan products are soy-free and since most people are avoiding the controversial soy, they are reaching for other alternatives such as mushroom and hazelnut.


Moringa powder is the new superfood and everyone is buying Moringa powder to fulfill their nutritional requirements. This leaf hails from Africa and Asia and it the most nutrient rich plant in the world. It has a spinach green flavor. It has become a part of the wellness industry and this frothy green juice is the stepping stone to health and wellness for most fitness freaks.

Moringa contains a substantial amount, almost 25% plant protein that includes 9 essential amino acids, it is rich in fiber and a great source of vitamins such as calcium, K, E, and A. Moringa is greatly bioavailable, so our bodies absorb Moringa better.

Moringa is a savior for people who are vegans as it contains high amounts of iron and can save you from fatigue and tiredness. Moringa has high antioxidant contents. Antioxidants can help protect, repair and offer protection from cell damage, protect the cells from free radicals.

Plant-Based Protein

Plant-based protein that tastes like meat but it isn’t meat. There are a lot of supplements that are edging away whey from the aisle, well even if not replacing it, at least giving it stiff competition. There are several brands that are already making a name for itself in the market and a few others which are being launched. The best reason for plant-based protein over whey is that it’s a cruelty-free source of protein. There are plant sources such as quinoa, hemp, and soy and they are a complete source of protein in itself.  They provide essential amino acids that your body is unable to produce on its own.


More and more probiotics are crowding the supplement aisle and these beneficial bugs have a place of importance of its own. The ongoing consumer interest is shifting towards the microbiome and how our gut health influences our health in more ways than one; products such as bacillus clausii can help increase the beneficial bacteria in your gut helping protect your health from the onset of various chronic diseases.


Collagen is another group of fibrous structural proteins that can help hold your body’s tissues together and you get it everywhere right from your skin to your tendons and to your bones. There still isn’t enough research backing the claims of supplement companies that dunking large spoons of strange-smelling powder can turn out to be your elixir for youth. Most people swear by this exotic and expensive powder, the consumers can’t stop raving about the newfound glow on their skin and how the good bugs in your gut are finally taking over the bad bugs in your gut and they have less “poop problems.” Well, great skin, good digestion and anti-aging elixir, what’s not to like? It’s just we don’t know enough about the potential benefits of ground-up tissues. So, far it’s hogging the spotlight, let’s just wait and watch on this supplement trend.

Herbal Supplements

Consumers today swear by herbal supplements and no wonder the sales have increased by leaps and bounds. From exotic-sounding ginkgo Biloba to evening primrose, these supplements may be available at your local grocery store and offers a great many benefits. Most of the supplements are regulated by the FDA, like other drugs or food. If you are sold on adding more and more herbal supplements to your medicine cabinet to ensure you talk to your doctor, especially when you are suffering from any chronic disease, you must ensure that herbal supplements do not interfere with any of the medications.

B-12 Supplements

B-12 deficiency is a widespread phenomenon now as there are many medications which kind of block b-12 absorption; this is especially used in the treatment of acid reflux and diabetes. There are symptoms such as numbness and tingling, muscle cramps difficulty in walking, cognitive impairment, and other issues.  B12 supplements can help overcome these issues, it especially holds true for people who are vegetarian or vegan.

These are some of the dietary supplement trends that you must know about.  If you are planning to add any of the supplements to your medicine cabinet consult your physician to know what suits you the best and whether it supports your health in every which way.

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