In today’s highly competitive and dynamic environment, running a successful and efficient independent pharmacy means delivering unique and premium quality patient care. But providing such care is not a one-person job. It calls for a collective effort between you and your pharmacy employees.

Therefore, you must do whatever it takes to enhance your employees’ efficiency as they are part and parcel of your success. You can start by encouraging them to attend pharmacist live CE seminars. Read on to see how such workshops help foster your pharmacy employees’ professional development and also find out more ways to enhance their efficiency.

Offer Employee Training

Every independent pharmacy has standard procedures that enable it to deliver high-quality patient-centred care, and at the same time, keep its operational costs down. For that, you may come up with the best operational procedures. Still, if your pharmacists aren’t well-versed with them, the processes are virtually useless.

To get the best out of your employees, and eliminate uncertainty and errors that cause inefficiency, companies should offer on-the-job training on operational procedures, standards as well as protocols. This helps both new and long-term employees be aware of what is expected of them and work towards that.

Encourage Educational Development

To pharmacists, learning is a lifelong process. This is especially essential in today’s world as advancements in health technology are rapidly fuelling innovation and revolutionizing the pharmacy world.

However, most pharmacists are often unable to pursue further education due to financial burdens. Unfortunately, this gets in the way of your success, as clients are more likely to seek the services of a more efficient pharmacy.

What can you do to change this? The easiest way is through encouraging educational development. You can do this by coming up with an education assistance plan to enable your financially strapped employees to further their education. If you’re not in the position to do so, encourage your employees to attend pharmacist live CE seminars by paying for the program.

Such seminars help them understand their roles as pharmacists in the modern world while learning new techniques and trends in patient safety. You stand to benefit the most in this because the better your employees become, the better their services and consequently customer satisfaction.

Encourage Employees to Join Pharmacy Organizations and Activities

Professional pharmacy organizations offer pharmacists an opportunity to network and learn what’s happening in the pharmacy arena. Local pharmacy events also provide the same perks. Being part of such events and organizations can benefit your employees greatly. However, most pharmacists are often unable to become part of these events due to tight schedules. You can encourage them to join by offering them a few hours off every month to participate in the said events.

Conduct Regular Performance Reviews

Sometimes, your employees may have more to offer, but you’ve assigned them a role that limits their capabilities. In other cases, an employee may have too much on his plate, which overwhelms them and leads to burnout. To ensure you don’t have such situations and that each employee is maximizing on their potential, conduct regular performance reviews.

Your pharmacy employees are your biggest asset. You may be the most skilled person in the business, but you cannot run an entire independent pharmacy singlehandedly. Therefore, it’s wise you help employees by doing things that will help improve their efficiency. For instance, start by encouraging them to attend pharmacist live CE seminars organized by Universal Learning Systems.

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