Westerville, Ohio, is home to Dental Assistant Pro LLC-Columbus, the third-largest school in the city after Otterbein University and MyComputerCareer Columbus. Though it only offers entry-level knowledge on dental-assisting education, it opens up a huge opportunity for students who would like to get into dentistry as a profession. The popularity of this education among local students and those within the neighboring city make Westerville a location that offers quality dental services. Procedures like dental crowns in Westerville, OH are one of the most sought-after services when going to a dentist in this city.

What is it?

A dental crown is a prosthetic device that cements to the teeth or an implant. It acts as a cover to a damaged tooth. Dentists use this to repair a fractured tooth, fill in a gap, or safeguard a weakened area from further damage. It can also serve as protection for a tooth that went through a root canal treatment. When added, it makes the tooth look more aesthetically pleasing.

Furthermore, it also improves the overall function of the tooth. The material for a dental crown can be acrylic or ceramic. Some patients also request metal alloys or gold for their dental crowns. The best material to use, though, is porcelain, which can give your teeth a more natural look. Unlike dentures, it should only be removed by a professional. You cannot remove it to clean it.

How is it implanted?

When you set an appointment with your dentist, he will first take an X-ray of your teeth to check if it can receive the crown. If your tooth has extensive damage, he may recommend you to get a root canal treatment before implanting the crown. Once you’re ready for the implant, your dentists will give you anesthesia to numb the pain. Afterward, he will chisel and reshape your tooth so it can better accommodate the crown. Then, he will use a digital scanner to make an “impression” of the crown. You will only be getting an acrylic crown during your first visit to protect your tooth while the permanent fixture is being made.

On your second visit, your dentist will replace your temporary crown and attach your newly made crown to your gum or tooth using a screw. It may be terrifying to hear your dentist using a screw to drill your tooth; however, rest assured that this is a ubiquitous and safe procedure. All dentists who place dental crowns in Westerville, OH, have the necessary certification, training, and experience to conduct this. There is no need to worry since you will be under anesthesia throughout the process, so you will not feel the pain.

How to take proper care of your dental crown

To ensure that no damage will happen to your newly implanted dental crown, make sure that you minimize the usage of that area when eating for the first few weeks. It would also be helpful if you avoid munching on hard food like meat or raw vegetables that can break the crown. Avoid sticky food as well since you might accidentally misalign the crown when you remove the food from your teeth.

A dental crown may be what you need to help you with your damaged tooth. It will prevent further damage and can even give you that picture-perfect smile. So, why hesitate? Go to your nearest dentist now and check if this is the best solution for your tooth problem.

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