The liver is one of the main regulating organs of the human body. It has a dominating effect on the functions of the organs. It is important to make sure that you take good care of your liver as negligence may even cause liver cancer. It is not always about the big, drastic steps. Taking small steps towards a healthy life is just as important. A small lifestyle change can go a long way in making your liver stronger and body healthier. Here are 12 lifestyle changes that make your liver stronger:

Maintain a Healthy Diet

A balanced diet is key to a healthy liver. The quality of food that goes inside the body is majorly responsible for the proper functioning of the liver and keeps it nourished.

Keep Away From Toxins

Toxic chemicals like those present in aerosols, insecticides and pesticides can damage the cells of the liver. They should be avoided as much as possible.

Follow Hygiene Tips 

It is not only the harmful germs in external objects that positive threat to the liver. The germs in our hands can also get inside our body and damage the liver. It is necessary to follow hygiene tips like washing your hands before eating.

Keep Your Body Fit

Exercise helps keep the body fit and reduces liver fat which is harmful to us. Regular physical activity also checks the triglycerides in our system which have the potential to harm the liver.

Maintain a Proper BMI

 The body mass index is an indicator of a person’s health. An ideal body weight according to height should be maintained and anything over or under it can negatively affect the liver functions.

Restrict The Consumption Of Alcohol

Liver cells are severely damaged by the intake of alcohol. If consumed, it should be done in moderation and responsibly but it is better to quit drinking for better liver health.

Cut Smoking

Smoking is highly dangerous not only for the liver but for the entire body. The tobacco and other constituents of cigarettes cause liver cancer. As such, smoking should be cut out of our lifestyle.

Say No To Drugs

 Drugs are not only illegal but they can damage and organ completely. The harsh chemicals which constitute them disrupt bodily functions and kill the cells of the organs which can result in terrible consequences.

Take Medication Responsibly

Wrongful medication can also have hampering effects on the liver in the long term. Before taking any medication, a doctor should be consulted. Never mix any medication with alcohol.

Do Not Let a Contaminated Needle Touch Your Skin

Be it for medication purpose of intravenous nature or tattoos and piercings, never let a dirty needle to be used on you.

Always Practice Protected Sex

Safe sex habits can protect you from Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C, which are diseases caused because of liver infections.

Make Sure You Are Vaccinated

Proper vaccinations can protect your body from diseases induced by liver infections like Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B.