Almost all of us want to be able to get discounts from practically everything we purchase. But a lot of us will probably agree that this rings truer when it comes to buying gadgets, being the pricey buggers that they are. This still applies even if it is something that is necessary for maintaining health or, in short, a gadget that serves a practical purpose. As much as possible, we want to save as much money on these things, especially if we have a tight budget.

Most wearables are no exception to this. And for anyone who has tried and believes in the power of the Fitbit, it will probably be a boon to come across a discount or two that will cut its not-too-budget-friendly price tag. That said, it will really be unfair to say that the said wearable device relies solely on the belief of its user that it will help in his fitness. 

Studies have proven that it has a direct positive effect on people by not only giving them the motivation to be fit but also speeding up a physical activity that results in weight loss and better management of chronic conditions (1)

Furthermore, the present trends on wearable technologies are definitely affirming its bright future that will only have a positive impact on the healthcare industry as a whole. But we will get to that later. For now, let’s tackle the best venues to get those juicy tech deals you’ve been yearning more. 

Where to Look Online for the Best Deals on Health Gadgets (Besides eBay)

If you want to look for discounts and deals on gadgets that cater more to Australian audiences, there are a plethora of platforms that you can use for the purpose. While they may not concentrate on healthcare gadgets, most of these suggestions often update their selections on a regular basis. You just have to drop by every now and look for.

There are, of course, websites that let you search directly for any deals on a specific health and fitness gadget you are looking for. This is why there is really no issue as far as options are concerned. You will see for yourself once you try our suggestions out.

Invest time in browsing the catalogues of tech retailers.  

And, no, you do not have to go to their actual stores just to be able to view these catalogues. A simple visit to a site similar to Latest Catalogues will suffice. It compiles a list of catalogues from various retailers, and it just happens to have the catalgoues issued by retailers of gadgets and electronics like JB Hi-Fi. (4)

If you simply take the time to look through their catalogues, you will definitely come across a deal or two on wearables and other fitness devices being offered at reduced prices. In their latest catalogue, for example, the Fitbit Versa is being sold for only $194, which is an immense reduction from its original price of $299. There are other offerings from different brands like Misfit and Garmin as well. 

Take note that these catalogues only run for a specific duration so be sure to take note of the validity of the offers when you decide to avail them. 

Stay updated on the latest deals from numerous brands from Tech Radar. 

If you are not already aware of it, the authority tech website, Tech Radar, actually has an Australian edition that focuses on tech discount offers available for that country alone. These deals are consistently updated as well. What makes these posts valuable is that it does all the deal searching for you. 

And, frequently, the gadget deals they offer include discounts on models by mostly well-known brands. It is for this reason why it will not be a surprise if you come across a great deal on health gadgets there. Their current list, for one, includes a discount on a good workout wireless earbuds like the Jabra Elite Active 65t whose price has been cut to $188, with savings amounting to as much as $91. 

Search specifically for wearables and health gadget deals on OzBargain.

You can expect to get further discounts from a site like OzBargain. But it can be tricky because plenty of timing is involved. You might stumble across a deal you like only to find out that the listing has already been bought or expired. This is why you have to be quick and exercise patience when looking for that coveted deal. 

What’s great about the platform is that it lets you search for the gadget you like and it will immediately provide you with all the recent listings. You can also freely interact with other members of the site should you have any queries about any given product. 

So What’s the Trend on Wearable Tech Nowadays?

The future is certainly bright for wearable technology, particularly when it comes to its application to the healthcare field. This fact only underscores the reason why more people are vying for fitness trackers and remote monitors of vital signs like blood pressure. And this is only expected to increase as the technology gains further traction, which, based on market prediction graphs, is practically an inevitability (2)

That said, where is the wearable tech currently headed? Well, one clear trend is that it will hone its primary advantage further, which is better acquisition of vital data on health. Experts anticipate more in-depth and better collection capability when it comes to gathering essential insights on the wearer’s health. 

Remote monitoring is expected to take center stage, providing a treasure trove of information for healthcare providers anywhere and any time. Its effective application on reducing the effects of chronic diseases has already been noted in past studies (3)

Of course, these benefits only allow for timely medical intervention that can help save more lives. That being said, pretty much all popular wearables (from Fitbit to Apple’s watches) already have the capability to track this data and make it shareable to attending medical personnel. 


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