Across many different industries, you’ll often find that there’s growth that takes place. In healthcare, we know that this is almost always happening – however it can be across lots of different sectors of the business. Right now, there is a dynamic growth spurt happening within the nursing profession. Let’s take a look at this in more detail.

 The Statistics 

It appears that recent statistics show that there are over 3 million registered nurses in the US and over 222,000 licenced nurse practitioners. And while it can cost between $20,000-$60,000+ to become a nurse, the salaries can range from $69,000-95,000, depending on the position.

 Right now, the nurse practitioner role is growing in need by 16% and there will be over 400,000 roles to fill before 2024.

 Factors Driving Change 

The reason for this change is because the population is continuing to age, meaning that more nurses are needed to take care of the growing conditions among the old. Then we have the idea that current nurses are growing older themselves, so an intake of younger employees is needed before they retire.

 Also, it’s important to recognize that there is also a need for nursing specialists – nurse educators and nurse administrators in particular. Both of these roles can go on to encourage those in the industry to train for these roles in the future, to ensure that the profession still grows.

 If you’d like to find out more about growth in the nursing profession, just take a look at the detailed and informative infographic below.

Infographic Design By Norwich University

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