Health foods and superfoods rose in popularity as a result of health-conscious trends that have gotten everyone into a frenzy of sipping on detoxifying lemon water and eating avocado toast for breakfast. A New Zealand staple that joined the fray is manuka honey: a breed of honey produced by bees that feed on the country’s local manuka plants.

While there is hardly a visual difference between manuka and regular honey, the former has received an incredible amount of praise from people who swear by the product and media channels that picked up on the story. There is a wide variety of manuka-infused products available from brands such as Manuka South. From propolis, throat sprays, and capsules to straight-up honeycomb, there are a plethora of ways by which you can consume manuka. Incorporating it into your life is exceedingly beneficial — here is why.

Unique Health Benefits 

There is no doubt that the primary selling point of manuka honey is its extensive list of health benefits. Many consider it as medicinal honey because of its potent antibacterial property, which aids in healing wounds, relieving mouth and throat sores, and helping fight against stomach and intestinal problems. When turned into skincare products such as lotions and moisturizers, manuka also plays a role in getting rid of acne and giving your skin a smooth finish.

The primary compound that makes manuka honey an excellent healing ingredient is propolis, which is naturally produced by manuka bees. Most propolis capsules come in small doses, so you will have to eat 2-4 capsules a day. If swallowing too many pills is uncomfortable to your gag reflex, then consider consuming 2,000mg soft gels from a reputed brand like Manuka South once a day instead. People consume propolis to act against viruses, infections, and sores. Depending on your health condition, you may need higher doses for stronger, therapeutic results. Consult with your physician to determine an ideal dosage for you.

Royal jelly is another ingredient that is unique to bees. The derivative of its name is how it is the primary food source used to create queen bees, which live substantially longer than the average bee. Royal jelly works wonders as a dietary supplement and for treating chronic and physical ailments. It is a complex compound filled with nutrients and antioxidants, including biotin, folic acid, and niacin, all of which are beneficial for a daily dose of healthful consumption.

Unique Manuka Honey Factor

Manuka honey is graded based on a particular system called the unique manuka honey factor (UMF). The grading system is primarily concerned with the quality of manuka honey’s natural characteristics, including purity. Generally, anything with a grade of 16 and up is a determinant of superior quality, so you are assured that what you are getting is an extremely pure form of manuka honey. While it is hard to find anything that exceeds the 16-point marker, manuka south offers premium manuka honey with 24+ UMF. This grade means that the product was subject to very little processing and extensively tested to prove its top-rated quality. You can take a spoonful of UMF as a form of daily vitamin or use it as an alternative to sugar.

There are plenty of superfoods in the world, but none as unique and delicious as manuka honey. Its broad list of benefits is enough reason to keep it as a staple in your pantry, but its pleasant, sweet taste and versatility makes it particularly difficult to resist.

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