In recent years, cannabidiol or CBD has gained much popularity. As a result, more and more people from all over the world yearn to know more about this compound. Beyond just learning and reading about them, however, some are so dead-set about getting their hands on CBD. But, there’s only one thing that’s stopping them from doing such: its legality.

Depending on where you’re from, CBD may be legal for medical use or banned for whatever purpose. As far as Australia is concerned, there’s been a great deal of conversation about what is and what is not legal regarding CBD.

This article gives you everything you need to know about CBD products and their overall legality in Australia. You can check out CBD information here.

First, What Is CBD And How Is It Different From Marijuana?

Before talking about its legal status in Australia, it’s important to know what CBD really is. Not everyone is aware that CBD and marijuana are two different things. Yes, CBD comes from marijuana, but it’s been meticulously processed so as not to possess psychoactive effects, thus this compound will not get you high as marijuana does. With CBD, you gain all the benefits of marijuana without getting intoxicated.

What Is The Legal Status Of CBD In Australia?

In the year 2018, Tasmania sent out a recommendation to allow hemp products to be considered lawful. Since then, national and state health ministers have approved the selling and trading of hemp food and products in Australia.

But, this comes with stringent regulations. You can’t just go around town buying from whatever source without looking at the labels. Else, you’re still going to go into trouble with the law. For a hemp product, such as oil, to be considered legal, it should not contain any more than 0.005% of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, which is the main psychoactive compound in marjuana. Anything beyond that is already illegal.

Australia’s laws are strict. But, generally, for as long as the legal standards are met, anyone over the age of 18 can walk into authorized dispensaries to purchase CBD products, including CBD oil, tinctures, animal treats, and other products.

For any questions that you may also have as to stores in Australia where you can legally purchase CBD products, you may visit

Because CBD Oil Is Legal, Is It Also Safe To Import CBD Oil?what

As to the importation of CBD oil into Australia, you may be able to import hemp products, but only after complying with rigorous requirements. The Food Standards Australia New Zealand Agency has made changes in the requirements set by the federal department of Agriculture and Water Resources.

The said changes include the following:

  • The imported product should not claim that it produces a psychoactive effect. Else, this will be considered as marijuana, which is illegal.
  • While it’s okay to import hemp products and food in Australia, these must not include words like cannabis or marijuana.
  • The product itself must not have any health claims or any claims about nutrition content.
  • The product should not contain images of marijuana.

But, here’s the caveat: all this information isn’t meant to replace whatever viable information you can obtain from directly asking the concerned agencies. In that manner, should you find yourself in need to import hemp products, you need to ensure that you’re within the limits of the law.

What Is The Current CBD Market In Australia?

 In Australia, you are allowed to be a grower or manufacturer of CBD. But, as the law is stringent, you have to comply with certain restrictions, like the following:

  • The hemp should only be derived from specific parts of the hemp plant, excluding flowers and seeds.
  • Vendors and manufacturers should never make any health claims regarding their CBD products.

Australian politicians feel confidently positive that because these hemp products do not get anyone high, these generally don’t have any adverse health effects on anyone. But, they’re still on their toes regarding freedom with expanding the laws. This is to control the proliferation of possible malicious manufacturers, sellers, and growers.


 CBD products being legal in Australia doesn’t mean you already have total control and freedom over the use of all hemp products you can obtain. Much effort still has to be placed on double-checking whether or not whatever action you undertake regarding CBD is within the bounds of the law. If you need it for medical use, it’s still much safer to consult a medical practitioner first. As Australia’s laws are very strict, the last thing that you’d want to happen is for you to get into trouble with the law.

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