There has been an alarming rise in the number of surgeries being carried out be surgeons that are either woefully underqualified or unethical. The amount of people that travel abroad to undertake surgery is on the rise too. These two facts are causing a huge spike in the number of cases, wherein people are seeking qualified surgeons to fix the problems the un-qualified ones have caused.

The number of problems related to more minor cosmetic surgeries, like Botox and lip fillers, has almost tripled in the last year. More alarmingly, people are going to unqualified surgeons for important surgeries, such as attending the infamous Bonati Spine Institute to receive spine surgery, despite there being a large number of malpractice claims attached to his file.

In Florida, malpractice claims have been leveled against Dr. Bonati on multiple occasions and the Florida Board of Medicine has levied fines reprimand and medical probation against him on 3 separate occasions. So why do people keep going to his practice?

The answer is simple, Dr. Bonati, like many other Americans, knows the importance of advertising and marketing. His ads claim he is a pioneer in back pain relief and he boasts 94% positive reviews from his 45,000 customers. Although these numbers look appealing to the average client, 94% positive reviews mean 6% negative, which equates to around 2500 patients. That is a huge number of patients who have received mistreatment.

Alongside normal surgery, there has also been a huge rise in the number of botched plastic surgeries in the U.S too. And although it is rare that botched plastic surgery is fatal or life-threatening, it does happen.

In Colorado, there was massive coverage of the case of Emmalyn Nguyen. Emmalyn, who was 18 at the time, went into the operating room for what should be a simple breast enlargement surgery. Before the surgery had even begun, Emmalyn went into cardiac arrest after the aesthetic was administered. It took the doctors and nurses 15 minutes to realize this. They only realized this when her lips and face had started to turn blue.

Even though they managed to revive her, she ended up receiving serious brain damage, leaving her in a vegetative state, kept alive by feeding and breathing tubes. The attorney for the family describes it as an almost unbelievable level of negligence that the teenager’s condition was not monitored, and that the anesthetic was administered so incorrectly.

He says that the medical records for Emmalyn show that she went into cardiac arrest again after being revived, and although they managed to regain her breathing and heart rate, she was neurologically unresponsive.

Poor Emmalyn, who wanted a procedure that is simple to carry out for a competent plastic surgery team, will now spend the rest of her life, breathing and eating through a tube, unaware of the world around her. Her family says that even though her body is there physically, they feel like they have lost a daughter.

As a country, the need to crack down on surgery malpractice has never been higher. Nobody deserves the fate given to poor Emmalyn and her family.

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