Researchers have studied the use of CBD products, and the results have been quite satisfactory. Here, we look to uncover some of the CBD benefits associated with the safe treatment of neurodevelopmental conditions such as autism, epilepsy, and seizures.

Cannabidiol products today are being used to treat anxiety, pain, insomnia, and other neurodevelopmental conditions. Research even shows that this cannabis extract plays a crucial role in alleviating intellectual disabilities like seizures and autism. Over the past couple of years, researchers from across the world have continued to study its rich healing properties, and the news is quite intriguing. So far, here are the CBD benefits we’ve found!

What Exactly Is CBD?

“What is CBD?” is probably the question that’s running through your mind. Well, also known as cannabidiol, it’s a chemical compound extracted from the marijuana plant. It’s processed into oils and other edibles to create a calm and relaxing feel. It’s also important to highlight that it doesn’t trigger the psychoactive feelings normally associated with the THC compound in marijuana.

What Is CBD Oil Used for?

Interestingly, the only approved medication associated with CBD oils is Epidiolex. This form of treatment is aimed at fighting epilepsy. It’s also shown promising results in a few other severe neurodevelopmental conditions like ASD. Besides, CBD oil for pain relief has been heavily requested because of its powerful healing capabilities.

So, how long does CBD oil take to work? This all depends on the severity of your condition. Other factors, such as immunity, body mass, and potency of the drug, also come into play. Note that while the CBD benefits are long and extensive, some of its products are known to cause mild side-effects such as tiredness, change of appetite, and diarrhea.

How to Take CBD Products

It’s safe to say that there is a wide variety of these products in today’s market. Sadly, many brands are selling CBD of dubious quality or low doses. That’s why you should always pay careful attention to each product before making the purchase.

So, wondering how to take CBD oil? Well, it’s quite simple; you can buy tinctures with a dropper, capsules, tablets, or search for a topical skin agent. Some prefer to vape their CBD using e-cigarettes or bake them into tasty pastries, cakes, and brownies. We’ve even found edible gummies, beverages, and candies. Whichever option you choose, you’ll still enjoy all the fantastic CBD benefits.

CBD and Seizures

Seizures are one of the neurodevelopmental problems which these CBD Centrals or products try to alleviate. The condition is known to affect one’s intellectual capabilities, disrupt the brain rhythms, which leads to epilepsy. However, back in 2018, the FDA approved the use of cannabidiol products in treating two rare epilepsy conditions.

Results showed that even CBD tongue drops reduced the frequency of seizures and epileptic episodes quite remarkably. It was also seen to treat abnormalities in brain activity and problems associated with body movement.

Now, despite these CBD benefits, a lead researcher Bin Gu Ph.D. feels that it’s better for those living with this condition to consult their doctors before ingesting any product. He went on to add that there’s a need for human trials if we’re to understand the safety and efficiency of CBDbetter.

Another study from 2017 showed more CBD benefits when it came to reducing seizures caused by Dravet’s syndrome. Further back in 2015, scientists found it to have a significant positive impact in fighting the Lennox Gastaut syndrome, a rare case of epilepsy.

CBD for Autism Treatment

A lot needs to be said about CBD and autism. Scientists have found pretty intriguing facts about the CBD oil effects in persons with this neurodevelopmental condition. Tests done on mice showed that it helped improving social communications and interactions in autistic people.

In another 2019 study, scientists were dealing with the treatment of developmental disorders. They tested the tolerability and efficiency of CBD in autistic kids. Remarkably, the results showed close to 61% rapid improvement in their behaviors. That said, they noted a few side effects such as:

  •       Sleep disturbance
  •       Loss of appetite
  •       Irritability.

More comprehensive researches done in 2019 proved other fantastic CBD benefits for people with autism. Here, around 190 children were given doses of CBD oil, and close to 84% recorded reduction in stress, agitation, and restlessness.

CBD Benefits in Fighting Neuroblastoma

All in all, one of the fascinating CBD benefits we’ve come across is a case where it has significantly improved the life of a small boy from Puerto Rico with neuroblastoma. Diagnosed at just 10 months of age, he was put under treatment.

There was almost an immediate response, with his parents recording a huge improvement in speech and reduction of epileptic episodes. Today, he is a strong 9-year old boy who can recite all consonants and vowels with ease.

CBD and Anxiety

Stress, depression, and fear are some of the signs of anxiety. This neurodevelopmental delay condition attacks the nervous system triggering a ‘fight or flight’ immediate response. Thankfully, one of the CBD benefits is the ability to calm the body down and keep you feeling safe and relaxed.

That said, it’s wrong to think about CBD as the ultimate cure for anxiety. No! Instead, it’s better to maintain a healthy lifestyle, good nutrition, and frequent exercise. Lastly, remember that CBD products are not there to fix every sad situation in your life.


Of course, despite the many CBD benefits, there have been a few pressing concerns. For instance, there’s no exact study showing which form of autism can be treated using cannabidiol products. Furthermore, some researchers feel it’s not a safe or long-term solution to treating these severe conditions.

However, going by the recent studies and success stories we’ve mentioned above, this is clearly a healthy and effective treatment option. You don’t have to keep on asking yourself, “What is CBD oil used for?” Once your doctor gives you the ‘green-light,’ feel free to make the purchase.

So, have you seen some CBD benefits in your life or that of someone you know?

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