Choosing the right health insurance is not at all an easy task. What’s more, many people wonder if it’s really necessary to buy. Unfortunately, you can’t predict your future. Accidents and diseases happen to everyone and it doesn’t matter how safe or healthy you are right now. Before you decide on anything, you will probably need a piece of health and life insurance advice, but you can be sure that it’s worth it. Depending on a policy, you will be able to get yourself checked regularly, react immediately when something is wrong, receive the necessary medical and financial help, and protect your relatives from any risks. National Health Service isn’t the worst in the world, but it isn’t always there for you due to the lack of funding and the growing number of patients (caused by rising population and longer life expectancy). The reasons to get additional health insurance privately are therefore numerous.

The choice of hospitals and doctors

National Health Service doesn’t allow you to choose a hospital or a surgeon when you need surgery or any kind of procedure. 

With private health insurance, you will have the chance to pick someone you trust and even a well-known expert in the field. You and your family will feel better, more comfortable, and at ease. Since your private insurance allows you to choose your GP who normally is appointed according to your location.

Quick access to GP

It’s a problem with NHS right now – you can have troubles even when you only want to see your GP. That’s why many private health insurance providers offer you help online or over the phone. There are those who even have video consultations and 24/7 support. So it should be your option if you travel a lot or if you have little children.

Specialist drugs and treatments

It doesn’t apply to all kinds of drugs and treatments, but there are many that aren’t available with National Heath Service, e.g. they aren’t approved by National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence in England and Wales (NICE) or the Scottish Medicines Consortium, or they’re too expensive. Many private health insurance offers may include more options. It can help you save money if you or your relative is in need of an expensive treatment that’s not available with NHS.

Specialist referrals

If you want a second opinion or you need some special treatment, you can simply ask your GP to refer you to a specialist who works privately, and you don’t have to wait for ages for the appointment. You will know the diagnosis and you will be able to start treatment sooner – or at least put your head to the rest and forget all your worries linked to uncertainty.

Most scans at any time you want

Sometimes it takes forever to get a scan done with NHS, or they can even refuse you. Then you can only do it with private insurance.

Private room in a hospital

Some health insurance offers may give you the opportunity to get a private room when you have to stay in a hospital which is especially comfortable when a certain hospital has mixed-sex open wards or you need more tranquillity with your condition. You can take your time, rest, and recover in peace.

Shorter waiting time

You can use your health insurance to speed up your appointment or needed treatment in all cases when you wait for more than six weeks. NHS has only a limited list of cases that they see as urgent. Very often it’s you who decide when you will have the appointment – you can request a date that suits you, your plans, and your needs. There’s also a problem with operations when you have them scheduled with National Health Service. It’s not uncommon to have hospitals cancel operations two or even three times due to emergency reasons. When you have private insurance, however, you’re the one in control over the whole treatment process.

Sooner physiotherapy

It usually takes a lot of time to get physiotherapy sessions with your NHS insurance. Private health insurance can bring it forward significantly.

It’s a better option for sporting enthusiasts

If you’re a professional or even semi-professional, you may regularly need special treatments. A lot of sports specialists work only privately and NHS doesn’t offer too much help and support for athletes.

Remember that even with private insurance you keep your right to use the services of National Health Service – the point is to always be able to receive the best possible help. Before you decide on anything, you need to do thorough research to make sure that you choose the best possible offer that meets all of your needs and expectations. Good health insurance can really be a life-saver for you and your closed ones, both figuratively and literally.

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