A weekly gym routine is a healthy way of getting fit and boosting your mood. The thing is that it’s crucial to know how to do it right. Otherwise, you might end up hurting yourself. Here you can find a list of common mistakes and ways to avoid them:

Are you warming up?

Some people feel tempted to skip the warm-up and start exercising right away. However, it is one of the most important parts of the gym routine. First, you should do a light movement in order to increase blood flow and oxygen. And only after that, you can increase the intensity.

To warm up before exercising, you can either march on the spot, roll your shoulders, or do a light jog. Also, you can do some glute bridges and lunges in order to activate your glutes and quads.

Are you a weightlifter?

Weightlifters might experience occasional shoulder pain. You should never ignore it but take a break instead. To prevent a serious injury, don’t use too much weight. Experts recommend a Blackburn exercise in order to build up shoulder strength.

In case you have a weightlifter’s shoulder, stop exercising immediately. Consider icing the area and taking anti-inflammatory medications. Your muscles should have at least a week to recover.

If you experience shoulder pain way too often, consider making an appointment with a physiotherapist. To find more information on shoulder pain treatment, check out the infographic provided by Kemper Medical.

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