Gone are the days when invention and discovery were restricted to scientists alone. Medicines are not the only areas where we can see science work its magic in healthcare. With the world moving fast and the people faster, there is hardly any time for taking care of one’s health. Our mental health is deteriorating faster than our physical health. Shortcuts, quick fixes are what we want. We don’t have time. But wait! Pause! As crazy as this sounds, we are in the 21st Century- 2 decades down and we have a solution to every problem. Here are the 5 breakthrough innovations in healthcare that will make you go Pheww!! Thank God! And make you see healthcare in all-new light.


Busy all day and packed weekends? Return home late and no clinic open to cater to your health needs? No time to wait in long lines to meet a doctor or are you just an old chap living in a remote location and finding it difficult to travel to seek medical help. Answer to all these excuses is the boom of telehealthcare. Telehealth is the use of modern digital technologies to provide healthcare services across the globe. The patient can be at any location or at any time zone. With the right devices he can connect to the doctor he wishes to consult and avail services. Surprisingly not just in humans but this technology has widely spread even in pet healthcare. Experienced veterinarian doctors also provide such consultations and the success rates will surprise you.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is not a new thing to the world. However, structured combination of few technologies can work miracles and solve many problems of this lazy generation. Using the information received from the devices connected through IoT Technology and having AI process these, we get results that might put many to shame. EHR short for electronic health records is a by-product of the synergy of these two technologies. AI helps doctors make better decisions on reports generated and thus help in better success rates.

Health wearables and portable devices

Fitbit, glucometers, Blood pressure monitors, sleep monitors, heartbeat monitors and what not, you name it and it is already available in the market. These devices give you constant reminders to keep a strong hold on your health. Recently an innovator has come up with a device you could call a portable ultrasound machine. This is a small portable device which is in fact an ultrasound machine. As useful as this may seem for humans it is equally useful for pets as well. Pets just like infants grab random stuff and swallow it. Unlike kids who are tidbit expressive, pets don’t emote these situations well. With a device like this, one could easily realize that the pet has swallowed a pin  (or a shiny screw for all you know!)

Mental Health

On a scale of 1 to 10, if 7 is the score of how much we ignore our physical health, I would rate a 11 on 10 for ignoring mental health. We go down so bad and realize at almost the fag end that we are indeed having mental health issues. And what next? Some counselling, some yoga and a lot of pills. What if we could use virtual reality to battle out our stress and overcome our greatest fears? Using this technology by putting yourself under the same scenario and trying various responses one could battle mental health issues and return healthy.

Quick fix Logistics

All that you want is just a click away – Clothes, electronics, gadgets, grocery, food supplies and what not! But the logistics that go into this are very intense. You can order your meds online but what if you could sit at the comfort of your house and get your urine samples collected, your meds and reports delivered? What if a new mode of transport is used to deliver these to you? A clean and less pollution provoking method? Drone technology is used to deliver medical supplies, collect urine samples and deliver reports at your doorstep. This amazing technology is backed by many startups across the globe, Google’s partner Alphabet being one.

It is amazing how technology can outrun us. The growing number of healthcare issues are a clear sign of warning to take our health seriously. To this warning, the world has rightly answered by coming up with groundbreaking and revolutionary proposals to curb illness and revive health the modern way.

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