Do you often fret about the future? Do you get tensed while starting something new? Is your mind unable to rest? If you have answered yes to one or all of the questions, you are someone who’s under stress. Chances are you also get panic and anxiety attacks at times.

Considering our present-day lifestyle, which is all about chasing goals, erratic eating, sleeping, and lack of exercise, the stress levels are bound to increase. And after a while, stress becomes a habit. Treating it through medicine might make you addicted to pills, which is far away from the real cure. Over the past few years, there are have been accounts of people healing from stress and anxiety through medical marijuana or CBD.

Today, accessing CBD products or CBD strains are easily accessible! Several websites are providing the same. However, you need to know which strain is useful for you. Ideally, you will find CBD or medical marijuana available as Cannabis Sativa or Cannabis Indica. Each has its intrinsic properties that help when consumed in a correct measure. To decide which is the best to heal stress-related symptoms, you need to know the difference between Indica vs Sativa.

The impacts of Indica strains

As you get to study about Sativa and Indica, the difference isn’t just in the after-effects they generate. There’s also ample difference in the way these plants grow and appear. The Indica strains usually come from a hilly terrain and colder climate. The plants are generally six feet tall. They have broad, dense leaves and have ample strength, which is one of the best appealing points for growers. Usually, Indica gets linked with relaxation and gets used by people who have sleeping issues. Additionally, it also results in a “body” high feeling, which helps a person to feel lesser pain. The majority of the Indica strains have an increased amount of CBD, which is known for anti-stress, anti-anxiety, and relaxing properties.

The impact of Sativa strains

You will find this cannabis strain to be spidery-looking and very thin. The plan grows about 12 feet tall and responds to the external environment better. The Sativa strains grow better close to the equator, in the hot and warm regions. The Sativa leaves are thin and narrow as compared to the Indica leaves. This cannabis is known for generating a euphoric feeling when consumed. It gives an energetic, upbeat, and mental high to the user, which acts in your favor when you are socializing. Also, Sativa comes with a high amount of THC. That means people who consume it, can expect a mental high. Sativa strains can minimize stress by generating a happy and positive mood. Also, Sativa comprises an increased level of myrcene, which acts as a sedative and helps in relieving pain.

Hence, if you want to use CBD for purely curtailing stress and allow your body and mind to relax, Indica strains are the best option. It will help your body to rest during sleep and restore body balance. However, it is essential not to use the substance daily; else you might get addicted. It is always best to check with a doctor before use and get the correct dosage so that you don’t overdo it.