There are millions of people prescribed with commonly used Ranitidine oral tablets to soothe heartburn or to lower down the acid levels in your stomach. Herein, the post will focus on one such brand – Zantac.

What Is Zantac?

Ranitidine is an oral tablet sold under its brand name Zantac. There are many medical stores providing Ranitidine as a generic drug that costs somewhere less than Zantac. This medicine is available in different forms including oral tablets, syrup, injectable solution, and capsules.

Major Highlights About Zantac:

After thorough research, on 13th September 2019, FDA (Food and Drug Administration) released a safety issue on Ranitidine & other medicine sold under the brand name Zantac.

As per the research done, Zantac consists of nitrosamine impurity named N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA). For those who aren’t aware of what NDMA is, it is a probable human carcinogen (a substance causing cancer).

In the medical world, NDMA is also referred to as an environmental contaminant often found in a few processed food items, vegetables, meat, and dairy products.

Witnessing some side effects, recently a lot of stomach cancer lawsuits have been filed against Zantac for making millions of people suffer from cancer. The claims became stronger when the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) supported the Zantac reports by the U.S FDA.

As a result, many acclaimed Zantac cancer lawyers are high on demand to file & proceed legal actions against the defaulter manufacturer – Zantac.

Witnessing the increased number of Ranitidine cancer lawsuit cases, many renowned stores in the United States have already eliminated Zantac tablets from their inventory. Those stores are-

  1. Walgreens
  2. CVS
  3. Walmart
  4. Rite Aid
  5. Kroger

Major Cancer Types Caused By Zantac:

Zantac opens the gateway to many severe health issues, but so far, the major cancer types diagnosed after constant intake of Zantac tablets include-

  1. Stomach cancer
  2. Bladder cancer
  3. Liver cancer

What Health Issues Does Zantac Treats?

  1. Stomach ulcers
  2. Intestinal issues
  3. GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease)
  4. Stomach acid reduction
  5. Eradicating Zollinger-Ellison syndrome
  6. Erosive esophagitis

How To Intake Zantac?

Ranitidine is available in different forms including-

  1. Capsules- (to be taken by mouth as prescribed by the practitioner)
  2. Tablets- (to be taken by mouth as prescribed by the practitioner)
  3. Injectable solution- (Taken through injection)
  4. Syrup- (Comes in liquid form & taken by mouth)

What Are The Side-Effects Of Zantac?

Ranitidine affects different body organs gradually while leaving some symptoms as signs of developing liver, bladder or stomach cancer. If not understood, Zantac multiplies the cancerous substances quickly leaving no scope for a cure.

Here are some side-effects and symptoms of Zantac’s Bad Effect On Your Body-

  1. Severe and frequent headache
  2. Cold chills
  3. Odd heartbeat
  4. Constant stomach pain
  5. Loss of appetite
  6. Dark urine
  7. Jaundice
  8. Bleeding
  9. Increasing skin or hair issues
  10. Drowsiness
  11. Reducing sex drive, difficulty having an orgasm (often termed as impotence)
  12. Swollen chest
  13. Constipation issues
  14. Blurry vision
  15. Shortness of breath
  16. Depression
  17. State of confusion
  18. Nausea and vomiting problem

What Other Drugs Increase The Risk Of Zantac’s Side Effects?

Ranitidine if taken with a few specific other drugs can worsen your health circumstances in no time. Here is a list of drugs that uplifts the Zantac’s ranitidine side effects in your body.

  1. Glipizide
  2. Procainamide
  3. Midazolam and Triazolam
  4. Warfarin

To avoid any unfavorable health condition, it is advisable to consult the practitioner before taking any medicine along with ranitidine.

How To Store Ranitidine?

It should be kept away from light in moist areas such as in the bathroom. Make sure to maintain the room temperature between 59°F to 86°F. A detailed storage guide can be found on the drug packet.

The Bottom Line

Ranitidine is a drug used for balancing the amount of acid in the stomach which is sold under the brand name Zantac. The medicine tends to give positive results, but at the same time, has been found a major reason behind stomach, liver, and bladder cancer in many patients throughout the world.

So far, millions of people have been affected by this drug. To this, a whopping high number of Zantac cancer lawsuits have been filed against it. And recently, the United States FDA has acclaimed this drug as harmful as it contains N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) (a substance causing cancer).

In case, you have been taking this drug, make sure to consult your practitioner again to get the drug verified or undergo a thorough medical treatment to eliminate the chances of developing cancer.


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