From night sweats to hot flashes, menopause is no fun. Menopause can become even more of a bother when you’re on vacation and experiencing symptoms. Your vacation is supposed to be a time to relax, reconnect with your family and spouse, and just have fun. The last thing you want is menopause symptoms to ruin your plans.

In this article, we will go into a few of the tips and tricks you can use to combat those menopausal symptoms and have the relaxing, fun vacation you deserve. So, without further ado, let’s dive into your article on vacationing with menopause, the tricks to success.

Take Your Supplements

Luckily, you don’t have to have prescription meds to take care of your menopause symptoms, unless your doctor thinks that you would benefit from them. Taking MenoLabs menopause relief supplements can go a long way towards relieving your symptoms and helping you get the rest you need on your vacation. The supplements are research-driven, so you know they are safe to take, and the company is run by women, so you know they know what you’re going through. Take this supplement daily to help you combat the symptoms while on vacation and daily.

Relax And Enjoy Life

The one thing you shouldn’t do is stress about your menopause symptoms while you’re on your vacation. Instead, relax and let your stress melt away by taking in a few Broadway Shows NYC while you’re on vacation. You can get tickets for the best shows on Broadway and forget about your troubles for a while with family and friends. Remember, stress and worry can trigger hot flashes, and you want to avoid those while on vacation.

Stay Out Of The Heat

Every woman knows that being in the heat can trigger menopause symptoms like nothing else can. So, it’s probably not a good idea to vacation in a place that is extremely hot and humid for the summer. Of course, you can’t just never go to warmer climates for vacation, so make sure that the resort you stay in has a pool where you can take a dip when the need arises and a good air conditioning system in place as well for when the hot flashes hit.

Pack For Coolness And Comfort

When you’re packing for your trip make sure to leave the synthetic clothing in the closet at home. You want to take clothes that are cool and comfortable on your trip with you, not clothes that are constraining and attract the heat. From T-shirts to nightgowns, cotton is the most breathable fabric and the best way to go when on vacation, especially when you’re suffering through the symptoms of menopause.

Pamper Yourself

You’re on vacation, so pampering yourself should be a no-brainer. As previously stated, stress is a high motivator for hot flashes. Go get a manicure, a massage or even hole up in the room and read a book if you feel like it. This is a vacation! Pampering yourself is allowed.

Avoid Your Triggers

Avoiding your known triggers is one of the easiest ways to cope with symptoms during your vacation. If you know that spicy foods and alcohol trigger your hot flashes, avoid them in favor of something else. Finding your own triggers and avoiding them will help you get through your vacation with no symptoms.

These are just a few of the tips and tricks you can use to help with menopause when you’re on vacation. From avoiding your triggers to packing for comfort and coolness, a relaxing, enjoyable vacation is in your grasp even with the symptoms of menopause plaguing you.

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