Changing lifestyles and diets, along with the growing health awareness among the consumers, have surged the demand for nutritional and dietary supplements. In fact, the Grand View Research reported that the global market value for dietary supplements reached over $115 billion in 2018 alone. This industry is anticipated to keep expanding at a compound annual growth rate of up to 7.8%.

With the advance of technology, a supplement supplier no longer sticks to a physical store location and aims to provide its products worldwide through an online store. You can now find an online supplement store on the web, but picking the right store can be quite challenging. This article gives you three critical tips on how to choose the right online supplement store.

Tip #1: Verify the background of the store

Similar to buying other stuff online, the first thing customers should consider before checking out a supplement is to research on the online store’s reliability and reputation. Try to find out how long they have been in business, their credentials, suppliers, and trustworthiness.

Aside from skimming through the store’s ‘About’ page, one effective way to verify its reliability is by reading reviews or testimonials of past clients. Most online supplement stores would set up a testimonial page to increase their trust score with prospective customers. Customers can also check on the individual product page for the authenticity and the ratings and reviews of the store’s supplements.

Another way to research the store’s reputation is through social media. Most online supplement stores today set up a Facebook page to market their business. Customers can head over to the store’s Facebook page and look at how many followers it has and how much engagement it gets from other people. Also, try to read the comments left by past customers, which are typically genuine and comes from real people.

The customers should also check on the store’s logistics partner. Find out who the store collaborates with for courier services and whether the option for cash-on-delivery is available. Most decent courier services have a safety protocol in place and a quick delivery to the customers’ doorstep. The cash-on-delivery option allows customers to shop worry-free and avoid any potential scam online.

Tip #2: Check the store’s return and the cancellation policy

The store’s return policy is a critical element to check on when buying a supplement online. A money-back guaranteed or secure return and refund policy allow customers to get a refund and return their supplement if they find the products defective or fail to deliver the promise.

Customers can usually find the return policy at the footer of the website. They need to read every word on the document to get an idea of how the system works to avoid any unexpected charges or hassle down the line.

Tip #3: Use the store’s contact information wisely

Effective communication allows customers to get the best services possible and is especially crucial when it comes to troubleshooting any issues that arise after purchase. Try to look for the store’s contact information and reach out to them. Fast and reliable customer service further improve the store’s reliability.

If the website offers a live chat option, customers should take advantage of this and inquire about the supplements they are interested in while asking for the best products, discounts, or product trials.

There is plenty of online supplement store available on the web selling products like protein supplements, multivitamin supplements for cellular health, mass gainer, and omega-3 fatty acids. To ensure that you choose the right online store, be sure to check on the store’s reliability and credentials, return and refund policy, as well as their customer service. Stores like ATP Science have been known to provide their customers with essential health and wellness products.


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