Himalayan salt lamps are beautiful and soothing decorative lights. These are carved from natural pink Himalayan salt and have a lot of health benefits. These salt lamps clean the air in every room to uplift your mood, soothe allergies, and help you sleep soundly. They have a very distinctive appearance and emit a warm pink glow when you turn them on.

The pink salt contains a lot of minerals and illuminates a unique pinkish-orange color to boost ambience. These rock crystals are excavated from the Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan directly from the Himalayan Mountains. The lamp’s comforting pink hue is a result of its high concentration of organic minerals from the region. You can have a piece of the Himalayas without ever climbing the mountains. The bonus is that they look fantastic on Instagram without having to use a filter.

When it comes to health benefits, Himalayan authentic salt lamp claim to improve air quality. This benefits those with asthma, allergies, cystic fibrosis, and other diseases. This makes them more beneficial than just decorative pieces for your bedroom that will impress your friends.

Why Is Himalayan Salt Recommended Especially for Asthma Patients? 

Asthma is mainly triggered by water vapors that circulate throughout your home. These are filled with allergens, such as germs, dust, mold, pollen, pet fur, smoke odors, and other viruses. These air pollutants are the primary cause of respiratory issues like asthma, bronchitis, and various allergies. That is why you should use Himalayan salt lamps. The pink salt on the surface attracts these water particles or moisture from the air like a magnet.

The lamps have exceptional hygroscopic properties that protect from harmful pollutants that contaminate the air around you. This limits the chances of allergies flaring up your asthma so you can breathe clearly and deeply while sleeping. The pink salt on the surface becomes saturated with the moisture it absorbs, thus pulling it out of the room. The heat generated from your salt lamp’s bulb will evaporate water particles so that the air is left clean.

How Does It Help Asthma Treatment?

Negative ions released by Himalayan salt lamps can stimulate healthy blood flow throughout your body. This is hugely beneficial because asthma patients suffer from a lot of circulation problems. Your chances of cardiovascular diseases, such as heart attacks and strokes, are significantly reduced with these lamps on your nightstand.

When you are unable to breathe correctly, your energy levels might deplete due to positive ions in the air. These organic lamps can neutralize those ions to give you a vibrant boost of energy. This will create a powerful rejuvenating effect on your body, mind, and soul for a better quality of life.

The hygroscopic process cleans the air of allergens and bacteria in your home. This significantly improves the air quality from the moment you plug in the new lamp. Compared to antibiotics and other drugs, negative ions can relieve asthma and bronchitis more rapidly.

Other Benefits That It Provides to Asthma Patients

The oversaturation of positive ions in the air restricts oxygen supply to the brain and blood flow. This exacerbates a lack of sleep for asthma patients. Salt lamps work hard to neutralize those positive ions to prevent insomnia. The soothing light from the lamp enhances a sense of relaxation like no other.

A lack of proper sleep can worsen symptoms of asthma. The healing properties of the lamp soothe stress and anxiety to help you get plenty of rest. You will no longer toss and turn while forcefully counting sheep and can feel more productive during the day.

Are There Any Side Effects?

There are no reported side effects for using a Himalayan salt lamp to relieve asthma and stress symptoms. However, you should not consume any of the salt even if it is natural. The lamps are exceptionally safe for adults but can cause salt poisoning for small pets.

The sense of tranquility and therapeutic orange glow will improve your health. But keep in mind that it is made from a very high concentration of salt. Consumption can cause extra water to store in your body, thus raising blood pressure. Store the lamp in a safe place so neither you or pets accidentally lick any salt from the lamp.

How to Confirm Whether the Salt Lamp Is Original?

To rejoicing all the benefits of salt lamps, it’s crucial to check whether the salt lamp is original or not? Since Himalayan salt lamps are in high demand, there is always a chance you might get a fake one. Many companies are creatively keeping costs low and may not sell you the most authentic product.

The best way to check if your lamp is genuine is by observing its price and color. If the lamp appears too white and costs very little, it is not real. This is because the Himalayan Mountains have very little salt that has a pure white or deep red color. As mentioned earlier, the color depends on the composition of minerals? A genuine red or white lamp would cost a lot more money than the pink ones. Governments have raised taxes on mining companies because of their limited resources. If you purchase your lamp for a meagre price, chances are high that a seller has duped you.

Authentic Himalayan salt lamps are very fragile. When your shipping box is damaged or if you accidentally drop the lamp, it will break. If the lamp is still in mint condition, then it is not a real product.

The lamp is meant to handle moisture exceptionally well and shrink over time. That is why your lamp should be stored only in dry spaces. If you rub your lamp like Aladdin and ask for three wishes using a wet cloth. A genuine salt lamp would look smooth and start weeping. The most apparent sign of whether your lamp is genuine is how it makes a difference in your health. Within a few weeks, you should notice reduced allergy and asthma symptoms. You might also feel more energetic and experience better sleep with less stress. If none of these happen during this time, then your lamp might not be real.