Being a nurse, doctor or any other medically related professionals can be a lot stressful. For one, you will usually try to alleviate the symptoms of a person while trying to make sure that they are alright. You might also end up trying to save that person’s life while raising against time. There are a lot of little tasks involved in these situations. Once they are combined, it can become the most hectic and challenging job in the world based on this page. There are some runner-ups but dealing with life makes it a lot worse.

If you are working in a similar field, you already know the feeling. The shifts alone can make you feel like going insane. Some shifts will last for 12 hours, but there are times when it takes longer than that. Usually, these are situations wherein there are major accidents or other form of emergency that needs to be taken care of right away.

In these times of emergencies, a medical professional must be quick with his or her thinking as well as movement. With thinking and rationality, that requires experience and training. On the other hand, the physical movement also requires physical training and a good pair of shoes. Whether it is for casual or formal wear, you need to have the appropriate footwear. It can make or break your fashion or entire workplace responsibility.

Working any kind of long shift while standing up would lead to some leg and foot pain. Workers in the food industry know this too well since most establishments don’t allow their workers to sit for long periods. It is just for them to take care of the customers right away but it can be tiring. In the same vein, medical professionals also need to be on their feet at all times. When dealing with lives, time can be your best friend and worst enemy so you need the best while dealing with it.

Choose the Right Shoe Design

Shoe choices for medical workers were scant before. There were only the prescription clogs and other normal shoes which can be a hazard at work. It is a rather slippery environment, and a nurse or doctor should not be the one on the floor when an emergency happens. In a way, they need to be “on their toes” at any given situation. This is why making the right choice in footwear is very important. Click here to learn more about it:

For the longest time, clogs had been the go-to footwear for many medical workers all around the world. There is still a huge following for these pairs even outside medicine. It is relatively easy to wear compared to its predecessors. Also, it is made from ethylene-vinyl acetate which is a rubber-like material. It is capable of molding into shapes and this is why it is also used in other kinds of footwear like hockey blades to make the user feel more comfortable. For the clogs that we know though, it is almost entirely made of EVA.

One of the major drawbacks of the EVA clogs is its limited use. Sure, you can use it almost anywhere as long as you are confident in wearing them. Even then, they look ridiculous when worn in public. Its functionality is shadowed by its performance in the fashion sense. This is why there are so many other options now which look so much better.

Working Fashion Sense

Medical sneakers have been introduced into the market as another option for those who still want to look fashionable. These look like your ordinary running shoes and also come with a lot of colors. However, one of the most glaring differences is the material used. For example, Clove medical sneakers use neoprene on the ankle parts of the shoe. It makes them even more comfortable to use because this is the part of the foot where injuries are common.

Another quality of a good pair of shoes made for medical purposes is its breathability. Most of the older style of sneakers are rather tight and do not leave room for air circulation. This makes them painful and uncomfortable to use. That’s why clogs became very popular because it leaves a lot of room for the toes and the entire foot to sit in comfortably. With the new models for footwear on the market, they are now competing as another viable option.

Lastly, this new footwear is fashionable. You can wear them outside of work without feeling too conscious about it. Also, you can use it in other locations and ways as well. You can use them in a casual meetup or even just lunch with friends. Take them running and feel how light they are compared to your usual running shoes. Some shoes have antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. This makes them odor-free, which can take you away from any kind of embarrassment after you take them off.

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