In the health care industry? Here is the top home health care software that is designed specifically for the home health care industry.

As the baby boomer generation gets older, there has never been a time when home health care has been such a booming business. Good home health aides and home health agencies can do very well for themselves in 2020.

In order to provide the best care possible to patients, home health care software is a must. In this article, we’ll explain exactly what home health care is and list a few of the top software products that support such a service.

What is Home Health Care?

Before we delve into the nitty-gritty of home health care software, let us first discuss exactly what home health care is and why it is relevant to you.

Some individuals need long-term medical care due to chronic illnesses, injuries that have significant recovery periods, or other conditions. As a result, that person is unable to function by himself or herself fully without the help of a trained professional.

In many cases, the individual in question may have family members that are more than willing to provide the level of care that the individual requires. However, the truth is that your average family member just doesn’t have the skill or expertise required to be able to take care of the individual.

To ensure that the patient receives the best care possible, a trained health aide should be called in. This person will either live in the patient’s residence or spend the majority of the day at the residence, helping the patient recuperate and providing assistance whenever necessary. The health aide may also administer medication and basic medical examinations.

If this sounds like something that might be up your alley, then you need to consider undergoing a home health aide training course. The right course will teach you how to competently administer the medical care, and may even be able to set you up with industry connections so that you can land your first gig.

Why Use Home Health Care Software?

There’s no denying that in 2020, we live in a digital age. Everyone and their grandmother have a smartphone, and virtually everyone has access to the Internet. One of the many benefits that the modern age provides is an elimination of the need for paper-based record-keeping as well as the automation of many manual processes.

The story is no different when it comes to home health care. The right software can be used in conjunction with a home health care service in order to make the life of the health aide in question much easier.

Now we’ll go over a few of the top software products in this space.


ClearCare is one of the best-rated home health care software products available, and for good reasons. It boasts a sleek, clean UI with a whole host of useful features and nifty functionality.

Like most software products in this space, it is targeted towards the customer that is a health care agency with a larger operation. The tool has everything you need to run a successful home health care business from marketing tools to patient monitoring.

On the business growth side, the tool comes with a CRM (customer relationship management tool) as well as reporting and analytics functionality so that you can see what marketing strategies are working and what’s not.

When you’re ready to start employing caregivers, the tool has features to help you with the screening process as you interview as well as the onboarding process as you hire. You can also monitor caregiver safety, setup training regimens, and more.

Finally, on the patient side, ClearCare comes with a portal that the patient’s family members can log into. It also has a unique scheduling feature that takes away much of the pain of lining up patient-caregiver schedules.


Brightree is another very well put-together home health care software that boasts just as much functionality as ClearCare. It comes with a lot of tools that will help to optimize a caregiver agency’s operations. You can take care of everything from billing to payroll on the platform.

If you have a pharmacy offshoot, then you’re in the right place. Brightree comes with ePrescribe functionality for easy medication purchases. You also get all of the standard caregiver functionality. This includes a portal to monitor each home health aide. Another scheduling tool similar to ClearCare’s is available.

More uniquely, you can also do a lot of revenue analysis with Brightree. You can see how your customers are contributing to their business and identify any holes in your income streams.


AlayaCare is yet another big player in the home health care software industry. One of the software’s biggest focuses is compliance. In the health care industry, there are a hundred and one rules to be ever cognizant of. The slightest breach can result in an expensive malpractice lawsuit.

AlayaCare will provide you with recommendations and guidelines for your operations so that you don’t run afoul of any regulations.

Another focus of the platform is increasing margins. You’ll figure out where you can cut costs and overhead from your business while maintaining high customer volumes and pricing. The result? More profits in the bank.

With the right technology, you can also start recording all of your caregivers’ actions. So they can document when they administer medication or medical exams. Not only does this help prove your employees’ responsibility if you are every in a sticky legal situation, but it will also help you to monitor how your caregivers are performing.

The scheduling functionality AlayaCare offers is second to none. All things considered, this software will set your home health care agency up for success.

Home Health Care Made Easy

Running a home health care agency doesn’t have to be hard. With the right home health care software, your job will become a lot easier as you manage your agency’s operations. Try one of these tools today!

For more health care advice, be sure to take some time to check out the rest of the articles available to read on the website!

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