Choosing IVF treatment may be your only option for realizing your family building dreams can be a tough pill to swallow. Finding out your bank account won’t support the cost of in vitro fertilization treatment, fertility drugs and other associated medical care can make this difficult situation nearly unbearable. Here are five ways to pay for IVF treatment even if your health insurance won’t, or your credit score or bank balance is less than exceptional.

Health Savings Accounts

You may be able to use some or all of your HSA, FSA or HRA to finance a fertility medical treatment package without taking out a personal loan and depending upon the terms of your specific account, you may be eligible for reimbursement for these expenses. However, DCFSA or LCFSA accountholders are not eligible. Be sure to check with your health savings account administrator.

Credit card

Depending on the cost of the treatment and your personal financial picture, putting it on your plastic might be a solution. Credit cards with fixed rates allow you to pay the balance off over time, which makes them an attractive financing option for people in higher income brackets with a better credit profile. However, if your credit card carries a “special introductory rate,” charges high fees or has a low limit, this may not be the best choice.

Doctors’ offices

Your fertility healthcare provider may offer in-house financing programs which help alleviate some of the sticker shocks of IVF and associated treatments. If you decide to go this route, be aware they may and likely will run a credit check on you, so use your own discretion in deciding if you want to share your financial history with them. Be sure to ask upfront what the finance terms and conditions are, and ensure you clearly understand any fine print. This includes interest rates, early payment penalties, loan lifespan and what happens if you end up defaulting for whatever reason.


In some situations, you may qualify for a fertility grant. This is money you do not have to repay, which can help get you started with your IVF treatments. However, you must satisfy the eligibility requirements, such as income, ethnicity, religion, residing in a specific location or another criterion, and may only be able to use the grant money for certain qualifying procedures or expenses.

Fertility Loans

For many people who the previous avenues won’t work, specialized medical lending brokerages such as United Medical Care may be a viable choice. These firms specialize in assisting people whose credit history or ability to pay immediately for fertility treatments may hold their family building back. Their lending networks allow these brokerages to shop around for their clients, helping them find the most competitive loan amounts and interest rates for their Ivf Financing. Unlike grants, these medical loans can be used for any treatment-related expenses with any fertility healthcare provider within the lender’s network.

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