Have you heard of EMF radiation? Electromagnetic fields are commonplace in our lives. And the radiation they emit is a potential source of health problems. Electromagnetic fields come from electronic and electrical devices as well as power cables. There are higher and lower frequency EMFs emitted from TVs, radios, cell phones, Wi-Fi, microwaves, X-rays, and more, so it is important to have x ray protection.

While the electromagnetic rays that come from Wi-Fi and cell phones are not as high frequency as, for example, UV light or X-rays, experts believe there is still considerable potential for damage to cells.

Here are the main potential dangers of continuous or extreme EMF exposure and what you can do to find EMF protection for yourself and your family.

Cancer Dangers

Experts are divided on the serious issue of whether cell phones and other EMF-emitting devices, cause cancer. The danger from EMFs emitted by cell phones is enhanced since phones are often used close to the head. The brain is at greater risk of oxidative damage compared with other bodily organs. Expert studies show a link between cell phone exposure and cancer. The question is, how great is the risk? There is no definitive answer to this question. However, it makes sense to use cell phones with caution. Limit the potential risk by using the speakerphone on your device and keeping it away from your head. Don’t carry a phone in your pocket and don’t sleep with a phone next to your bed at night.

Neuropsychiatric Issues

As described above, experts know that the brain is more susceptible to the dangers of radiation than other parts of the body. EMF exposure has caused damage to neurons and changes to the brain’s structure in animal studies. Other research shows EMF radiation causes cognitive impairment in animals as well as brain inflammation. Many people report frequent headaches, insomnia, fatigue, irritability, depression, lowered mood, impaired sensation, and lack of concentration when exposed to EMF radiation from devices over a long period of time. These neuropsychiatric issues are often connected to living underneath power lines or near to a cell phone mast, or having high cell phone usage.

Thyroid Problems

The incidence of thyroid problems is growing in the US. Low-frequency EMFs may cause thyroid issues to develop. Some studies show that spending more time on a cell phone is linked to a greater incidence of problem thyroid hormones.


EMFs may damage male fertility. This issue is increasing in prominence and men with fertility problems are now advised to limit their exposure to EMFs. Studies show men who experienced low fertility were also the men who used cell phones most frequently. EMFs may also cause sperm damage.

How to Protect Yourself from EMFs

While the evidence is not entirely conclusive, there is enough of it to suggest caution when it comes to EMF exposure. It could be a contributing factor to many common or more serious diseases. Limit your exposure to the hazards of EMF by using protective shielding, lowering your duration of exposure to the radiation, and keeping your distance from the source of exposure.

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