There is a variety of decorative items available in the market. We decorate our living rooms, bedrooms, etc. with unique stuff to make it look pleasant each time we go near that area of the house. Also, the light of the ambience plays an important role in the mood or behavior of the person. We always look for mild and decent lights that are soft on our eyes and make the room look better with its presence. There is a wide range of candles, bulbs, lamps, etc. that people get now a day to light up their houses. Himalayan Salt Lamps belongs to this category and it has satisfied many people who have bought it. They impart an elegant look to space where they are placed along with offering numerous other benefits too.

Why Himalayan Salt lamps instead of ordinary lamps?

Apart from just providing soft and decent light, the Himalayan salt lamps have features which makes them a worth buying fancy house item. Given below are some of the benefits of Himalayan salt night light lamps would definitely make you believe that this kind of interior house decoration is better than the ordinary lamps:

  • The Himalayan Salt Lamp is made out of the salt crystal from the Himalayas, which has the potential to improve your health by improving the environment around you. Along with providing a great natural source of light, these lamps generate negative ions in the surrounding. There are many electronic appliances around us that we make use of in our day-to-day life. Cell phones, televisions, computers, etc. are some of those electric gadgets which we cannot survive without and they continuously release positive ions in the air. This can even result in the overflow of electromagnetic radiation, which we would not experience now, but it might harm in the long run. The negative ions released by the Himalayan salt lamps would nullify the effect of these positive ions and thus would keep us safe from these harmful electromagnetic radiations. 
  • It is found that the positive ions released by the electronic devices could cause damage to the lining of the windpipe. Reducing the impact of the positive ions, the negative ions of the Himalayan salt could improve our breathing too.
  • The Himalayan pink salt is found to possess the property of attracting the impure water molecules from the environment, which are then settled into the salt crystals. The Himalayan salt thus can also act as an air purifier, which effectively deodorizes the surrounding air. 
  • As the Himalayan salt lamps are found to purify the air, removing various contaminants from the surrounding, they can also help to prevent infection caused by dust, molds, etc. People who suffer from asthma must have such lamps at their houses because the Himalayan salt can significantly reduce their struggles. Along with asthma, it can also cure other underlying infections such as cold, cough, etc.
  • As per research, it is also found that the Himalayan salt can also improve the blood flow, as it removes the negative ions from the environment. Improved energy level, concentration, performance, and sleep are the other benefits of Himalayan salt lamps. Also, they are found to be effective in decreasing the stress level and promoting relaxation of the body. 

What’s new in its design?

There are a lot of designs in which these lamps are available. Given below are some of them:

  • In the form air purifier, these Himalayan salt lamps come with the USB connection and are available in various colors. These small lamps are classy, which can be kept in the rooms along with other decorative house items. Many people like this design because they are small and can be plugged in any corner of the room.
  • Some people even prefer buying the natural Himalayan salt crystal lamp, which is free from other minerals. These lamps consist of Himalayan salt in its purest form and do not have any kind of technological touch. They are elegant and class, along with representing a state of vintage, being away from modern culture.
  • These lamps are available in various shapes. People also prefer keeping such lamps at their office desks because of their delightful structure and color. Pyramid, flame-shaped, etc. are the common structures people often prefer buying.
  • The Himalayan salt lamp in the metal basket is the other interesting type, which is the most stylish one. It is often bought as a gift item because of the wonderful appearance that it gets from the metal basket.
  • Himalayan salt night lamps are considered as the most convenient type of all. These small night lamps could be the most wonderful light you can have in your bedrooms in the dark. It also improves sleep quality and energy for the whole day.
  • There are also candleholders available in various shapes that are made up of Himalayan salt. Placing them near the bathtub, in spas, meditation rooms, or even in bedrooms could be very pleasing. These candleholders could also make a perfect dinner date with the special one.

Which design of the Himalayan salt lamp is more efficient?

Although all designs are efficient in their own way because of the types of features and beauty characteristics they have, the one that is available in the purest form will have the most benefits. The natural ethnic Himalayan Salt lamp with no other mineral or chemical in it and there is no technological intervention is the one which will help you the most in improving your health conditions as well as keeping the environment around you fresh and relaxing. Having these Himalayan salt lamps in your rooms could help you to get rid of various health complications and would improve your way of living. For getting the maximum benefits out of this wonderful natural salt, it is necessary to use it in the purest form possible.