Despite the stringent codes of ethics that are now present in the medical industry, medical malpractice cases still exist. Unfortunately, not all doctors have service to heart. There are still those that, out of greed and spite, are more than willing to cross the line of ethics to earn a little bit more cash. For these health professionals, their job has become a business.

If you’re a patient that falls in the hands of these doctors, then know that you’re in the wrong place. You may be reading this because you’re already suspecting that you may be a victim of medical malpractice. Worse, that you’ve indeed, already fallen prey to these doctors. 

While a devastating situation to be in, the law isn’t without any protection for you. To help victims of medical malpractice, like you, here are some of the things that you should do:

Find Another Doctor

When you start to suspect that your doctor isn’t taking good care of you, then find another one immediately. Don’t let the malpractice prosper even deeper. 

Remember that medical malpractice has led to the death of some patients who are victims. You wouldn’t want yourself to be down along this road. 

If you’re finding it hard to look for another doctor, take advantage of technology’s gift: the Internet. You can surely find information or two about doctors and their respective reputations. Through the Internet, you may read medical blogs written by reputable doctors. In this day and age of technology, most reputable doctors will already have a website up and running. That way, they’re also able to keep up with the competition.

Make your health always a top priority. Finding a new doctor as soon as possible can hasten the chances of correcting the mistake committed by the first one. Then, better treatment options may also be carried out. 

In cases where the first doctor performed a wrongful treatment on you, the right one can now be done. If the first doctor misdiagnosed you, then the correct diagnosis can also be made when you find a new doctor.

Follow The New Treatment Plan

When you start meeting with a new doctor, a new treatment plan will be given. Technology has made it possible to have many high-tech treatment options. Your new doctor now may give you better treatment that results in a higher chance of success. Perhaps even, the mistakes of the past doctors can also be better identified and cured through treatment options that are now more advanced than ever. In this case, you must follow through religiously with the new treatment plan. 

At this point, take away whatever fear or apprehensions you may have, which is caused by the first doctor. Bring back the trust; know that your current doctor has your best interest in mind. 

You need to follow through with the new treatment plan so you can still correct all the mistakes committed by the wrongful doctor.

Request For Medical Records

Now that you’re in the care of another doctor and you’ve also started with your treatment, it’s time for you also to hold the previous doctor liable for the medical malpractice they’ve committed. 

Start by requesting all of your medical records from the very beginning until the time that you’ve changed doctors. If you have new records from your doctor now showing that the first treatments were wrongful, keep these since these can be considered as evidence. 

Some of the important documents for you to gather are:

  • Medications prescribed
  • Information regarding your symptoms
  • Diagnosis made
  • Medical history
  • Tests and other treatments done

These documents are essential to obtain as your lawyer will also need it in preparing for your case. Here, it’s also important that you keep multiple copies of the medical records you’ve obtained. That way, you won’t have to keep asking over and over again. Take photos of them and save it on your phone, and on all your other handheld devices. That way, if you lose one, you still have another copy to show.

Start Learning Your Rights

You’ve got rights when you’re a victim of medical malpractice. In this case, it’s supposed to be considered a preventable personal injury. This means that by the nature of medical malpractice, you suffered a personal injury. But, this would’ve otherwise been preventable, had the practitioner didn’t harm deliberately. 

As you talk with your lawyer, ask about your rights, too. That way, you’d know about what to expect from your case. Asking about your rights from your lawyer also works to be a happier and welcomed ray of light. This can give you hope that whatever injury you suffered now won’t merely be in vain. The doctor who did you wrong should and will be held accountable.

Keep A Journal Of Your Symptoms

While your case is underway, you need to keep a journal of your symptoms. After recovering your medical records, include these in your journal as well. Also, take note of whatever side effects you may have experienced due to taking a particular medication. 

Examples of information that your journal should have are the following:

  • All the symptoms that you experience every day due to the medical malpractice
  • In-depth explanations of how the medical error impacted your daily life negatively

For example, you may have had to stop working to undergo a treatment that was, in fact, wrong. Be very sure that this is noted down. That way, you don’t forget information that can help strengthen your case.


Medical malpractice is a serious tort committed by some of the evil health practitioners. Rather than having the heart to serve, these doctors would rather cause harm in exchange for more profits. 

For the patients of these professionals, they are, unfortunately, considered as victims of greed. When you suspect that this is you, don’t take second thoughts about claiming for your right recourse in the law. That way, you’re also able to put the erring health professional back in the correct position.

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