The increase of the online pharmacy business is associated with a rising number of internet customers, expanded availability of web-based services, and increasing the implementation of e-prescriptions in clinics. Though, commencing your presence as an online pharmacy app necessitates a lot of effort resulting in helping people to lead a better and healthier life. A transition from owning a retail pharma store to approach the online market certainly requires some concerns to be addressed and if exerted with a proper vision and guidance can lead to the best online pharma business.

Significant benefits

    • Your retail pharmacy can get over geographical boundaries for sales
    • Have your business expanded to 627 million internet users
    • Have customer database promptly accessible
    • Stay connected with recurring customers through online pharmacy app or best pharmacy website, and
    • Experience extended sales.

Being a retail Pharma store owner, you may need to consider these guidelines while planning to have their own pharmacy app:

  1. Administrative Outline, you may need to structure and evaluate the outline of a business plan. All the administrative tasks need to be allocated to concerned individuals. This might get extended to configuring the workflow. We understand that you are going online with your business but it still needs a workforce to manage orders, bills, delivery through online pharmacy platform and support the customer.
  2. Regulatory Look-over, looking at a broad picture of establishing an online presence, you may also need to pursue legal support by an e-pharmacy consultant to assist you with the Board of Pharmacy application rules and building policy manuals for your online pharmacy app.
  3. Up-to-date Medicines Database, you always have to make sure that your drug inventory is readily available for delivery to your customers. All medicines database provided by EMedStore can be of help. A monthly report on the frequency of sales of medicines and other healthcare supplies may also help you in updating the stock regularly. You are also required to identify an authentic and reliable medicines stock supply and delivery partner for your pharmacy. As an online pharmacy app is approachable 24*7 by customers and increasing health consciousness and health hazards have made it even more prominent for pharmacies to have a wide variety of medicines available for patients.
  4. Registered Pharmacist on Board, you are not just done when you have all the plans of online pharmacy business ready with you. In short, a registered pharmacist needs to be readily available to verify a prescription, validate the prescription or non-prescription drugs, check medicines supply before distribution to each customer, and sign a bill to be sent along with the medicine delivery.
  5. Administrative to Customers, customer retention, is always suggested to stay in touch with your customers and keeping them updated with their medicines refill. A medical app solution can help you set reminders for your customers and keep them posted weekly or monthly as needed. This could turn out to be the best medium through which you will have your customers re-visiting your pharmacy app or website.
  6. Qualified Support Personnel, a support staff, 24*7 online medical store needs someone to respond to orders or queries at any point in time. Make sure you have your own support staff to help your customers as and when they need it.

Now you have a set of execution plans before you look forward to a technology preference or a company to help you in e-pharmacy app development.

“E-pharmacies business is foreseen to rise to $55 billion by 2020. Industry experts predict the market to be creating 3,000-4,000 orders regularly. Invest in a remarkably growing industry to revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry.” 

Let us talk about the technological perspective while you are planning to have an online presence. You may have a question in your mind like what technology will be preferable to develop a medical store app or online pharma website? EMedStore, being a global pharma IT company dedicated to pharmacies, can certainly help you in decision making. We have various services and few of them are online pharmacy platform development, medical store app development, and e-pharma website development. The most interesting part of working with us could be, we have already developed 320+ applications dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry. So, you will be getting your application developed in just a few days.

But putting a pharmacy mobile app to play store or app store and waiting for customers to come to utilize it is not how exactly the internet works. Online marketing is an important call to make sure that your pharmacy website is getting proper attention through implementing marketing plans including social media marketing and search engine optimization. Online competition is fierce and thus your marketing team needs to look forward to various paths to opt for online marketing.

Hence, we do not restrict our conversations about your online pharmacy platform development but assist you in choosing a proper online marketing plan to grow your e-pharmacy business.

Stop by EMedStore, explore our demo application, share your ideas of customizations, if needed, and enjoy uninterrupted service provided by the experts. Experts at EMedStore can assist you with practised guidance in any area of your online pharmacy business.

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