Stress is a big cause of health problems because many adults nowadays feel overwhelming pressure from all angles. Managing work-life balance can put a strain on everyone and it can result in many other issues. Stress is not the only cause of accidents and injuries at work however and there many other hazards. Many office workers report repetitive strain injuries, headaches, and eye strain, from poorly set up work stations, and many other workers suffer from trips and falls. It’s important to feel safe and secure at work and here are some things to look out for to help you do so. 

Ergonomic Injuries

These are caused by poor posture and positioning of chairs, desks, computers and other furniture or equipment. It’s vital that your back is supported by a proper ergonomic chair. This needs to be an ideal distance from your desk, keyboard, and screen. Talk to your employer if you feel that this isn’t the case, and they should be able to set this up for you. There are new models available of ergonomic equipment with instructions to set it up to the optimum position depending on the person, and the work that they do. Failing to install such equipment could cause back problems and repetitive strain injuries from your upper body not being sufficiently supported.

Headaches and Eye Strain

These are some other health problems caused by inadequate equipment and improperly positioned furniture. Ideally, you want your monitor to be 30cm from your face and slightly below eye level to avoid headaches and eye strain. There are checklists available online to help you find out if your computer is appropriately positioned.  

Headaches can also be caused by inadequate lighting. Speak to your superior if you feel like your workplace is too dark. Make sure you have the optimum amount of brightness to work and that the angle of closer lights is comfortable. 


Injuries at work can be caused by falling over. This is because there are many hazards around such as spillages and loose cables and other debris. It’s important to report any of these to a supervisor to prevent you or your coworkers from slipping or tripping. If you do injury yourself at work your employer would be liable and you would be entitled to compensation, so it’s in their best interest to prevent this from happening as well. If the unfortunate does happen, there are specialized workers injury lawyers you can consult, who can deal with any case from a fall at the office to talcum power rash, so wherever you work you can benefit from filing a claim. 

Staff wellbeing

It’s important to make sure there is an appropriate system for communicating any health problems caused by stress or improper working conditions. It’s the responsibility of your superior to reach out to staff who have difficulties in the workplace. If you don’t feel like you can approach your manager with a problem, take it to a higher level. Your health should come first.

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