It’s a moment that none of us prepare for: Sitting there in that doctor’s office and learning a diagnosis. There is a feeling that sinks in that can be hard to describe. It’s loneliness and uncertainty, a fear of what is to come. That’s followed by digestion of the diagnosis and the sudden conveyor belt of questions that seem to pass through your mind and the minds of those you love.

It’s important to take the time to get those questions in order, and more importantly, get them answered to figure out the next steps ahead. There are times where we may feel embarrassed by our concerns or unsure of them, because those closest to you may not understand the physical and mental burdens that race through your mind.

theTUNDRA may have the support groups you are looking for. theTUNDRA has something on its site for just about everyone, recognizing users as Enthusiasts, and offering an open forum on just about any topic. That includes the questions you may be facing regarding your illness or even the concerns your family and friends may have.

theTUNDRA’s 24/7/365 array of special interest communities provide a comforting digital environment. Each special interest has its own rotation of RSS newsreaders featuring thousands of curated newsfeeds. This includes podcasts specifically tailored to each interest, along with video curated based on that subject.

Each registered member to theTUNDRA has its own homepage featuring daily curated news to their liking. This is able to be adjusted thanks to customizable newsfeed filters that can lock in on member interest and personalize content. Each member of theTUNDRA also receives a public profile page, allowing members to share their published content and reposts.

Support networks are such a welcome aid in any health battle, whether it’s yours or someone else’s. When it comes to a chronic condition, remember, you are not alone. It’s also important to take the time to evaluate your health insurance plan and make sure it is working with you and not against you.

Finding the best health insurance company can be a strenuous task, but it’s important to find the health insurer that has your back for better or for worse. HealthSoul is an online directory of health insurance, doctors, and more that allows patients to submit reviews of their experiences with their health plan. After all, it’s important to find a health insurance company that isn’t hurting you in pocket costs, with affordable premiums and financial assurances regarding prescriptions that may be vital to your well-being.

After all, a health insurer could provide a lower cost, but at what cost? It’s important to recognize that cheaper costs when it comes to health insurance companies sometimes means lesser value. In addition to finding a health care provider, HealthSoul provides the tools to book doctor’s appointments and establishes a favorites list based on your experiences with doctors and hospitals. They also reward you for reviewing doctors and writing about your experiences, earning points towards gifts.

Much like social media states, HealthSoul provides a handy blog that can give greater details about how someone else is coping with the same chronic condition and give you insight on your own treatment. Detailed blogs can also better prepare you for how you approach an appointment with a new doctor regarding your illness, or even better, prepare you for an existing provider. As you go deeper on your journey, you may want to repay the knowledge and tips you’ve acquired. After all, it never hurts to pay it forward and provide for people that are now in the shoes that you were once in.

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