Over the last decade, the healthcare industry has changed drastically. With new regulations providing safety and security to patients and novel technological advancements, healthcare providers must focus on accurately collecting patient information and providing support while staying within budget. Check out this article to learn the potentials of AI in Healthcare.

To meet growing industry demands, approximately two-thirds of healthcare providers in the United States have integrated call center software to provide a better experience for patients, medical staff, and doctors. According to a recent study by Sequence Health, healthcare call centers have been linked to a wide range of benefits, including improved customer satisfaction, department satisfaction, ROI, and savings to organization. Here’s how call center interactive voice response (IVR) software has transformed the healthcare industry.

Enhance Patient Engagement

Although patients aren’t usually considered customers, healthcare providers typically utilize the same principles as traditional and retail businesses when providing customer service. Healthcare call center IVR software features collaboration tools,  a type of Business Messaging App, allowing medical staff and doctors to communicate with patients on a secure server. As an alternative, Chalkboard mobile app can also be used.

Omnichannel communications also create seamless, user-friendly customer experiences by enabling communication across multiple communication channels. Creating opportunities for patients to interact with live agents and healthcare professionals across multiple communication channels enhances patient engagement, especially among patients who prefer to communicate across multiple channels, such as mobile phones and desktops.

In addition to omnichannel communications, modern patients expect self-service options. For example, Hearing Health USA, a network of more than 220 audiology and hearing clinics across the country, offers a hassle-free online patient intake form, hearing test assessment, and audiologist appointment scheduling tool. With a skilled team of trained professionals with years of experience and the option to chat with a live hearing health support agent, new patients experiencing tinnitus, hearing loss, and related disorders can find out more information about taking measures to protect their hearing and meeting with a clinical audiologist.

Increase Patient Follow-Up Efficiency

With growing industry demands, healthcare providers must focus on prioritizing patient follow-ups to ensure customer satisfaction. Healthcare providers make outbound calls using call center IVR software to follow up with patients, ensure positive post-discharge outcomes, send appointment reminders, and collect customer data.

IVR systems also make it easier for live agents and healthcare providers to reach out to patients through video and digital channels. Video communications allow doctors to facilitate in-house visits, approve medications, and speed interaction times while offering personalized customer experiences.

Improve Quality Management

Providing exceptional customer experiences starts with quality management. Healthcare call center IVR solutions offer tools for quality management, allowing healthcare providers to boost interaction quality and improve customer experience.

Modern IVR systems also feature keyword extraction and deep content analysis by IBM Watson, which notify healthcare providers of potential areas of improvement. Healthcare leaders can search through digital messages and patient calls to gain valuable insights. IVR software also offers call recording tools, enabling healthcare providers to store and review call recordings to ensure quality management.

Ensure HIPPA Compliance

With increasingly stringent regulations on patient data and security, many healthcare providers are hesitant to implement call center technology. Bright Pattern’s call center IVR system is HIPAA-compliant, meaning medical staff and healthcare providers can maintain compliance with HIPAA regulations while enjoying the benefits of IVR technology.

Bright Pattern’s modern IVR system features roles-based access control, encryption of data transmissions, and powerful scripting language to ensure patient security and compliance with expanding regulatory requirements.

With increasing patient demands and new industry standards, healthcare providers must innovate and adapt while providing personalized customer experiences, protecting customer data, and staying within budget. Modern IVR technology can help healthcare providers gain an edge over the competition, maintain HIPAA compliance, and provide a satisfactory customer experience.

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