When you attended the med school you probably weren’t thinking about how you could get new patients. Humans get sick and go to the doctor, and all you were worried about was how to treat them in the best way possible.

But the truth is, competition for patients is tight. When people are new to your area and looking for a doctor, or unhappy with their current physician, what can you do to make sure they find their way to your front door?

Maximize the use of your website on mobile devices

If your website is clunky on mobile platforms, the chances are that you’ll lose potential patients before you even meet them. People are short on time, and if it is taking too long to load your website you can bet they will be hitting the back button to click on a different doctor’s office. Make sure your website loads easily and that menus are easy to navigate on mobile devices.

Healthcare digital marketing

Speaking of your website, you can use this company which does healthcare digital marketing in Charlotte to drive traffic to your website. Healthcare digital marketing helps you use search engine optimization to ensure that your website ranks high in Google searches, making sure that patients looking for doctors will see you in the number one position in the search results.

Connect with the community

Show up to community events. Sponsor a float in the local parade, have a booth at the local fair, or host an aid station at a local running race. The next time a potential patient needs a doctor, they will remember the way you made their child smile or how much they appreciated the free blood pressure check you gave them. Your presence matters and can make a long term impact.

Be responsive

One of the best things you can do to earn new patients is to pick up the phone when it rings. If someone must leave a message, be sure to call them back as quickly as possible. Respond quickly to online inquiries as well. If someone has decided it’s time to see a doctor they don’t want to wait around for a day to get a callback. Being responsive to inquiries can help you snag patients that might otherwise slip through your fingers.

Provide great care

One of the best things you can do to get new patients is to keep your current patients happy by providing great healthcare. In this digital age, customer service has nearly gone by the wayside. If you treat your current patients well you can be sure that they are telling their friends about you. Keeping your current patients happy also saves you money by reducing patient turnover!

It may seem like it is out of your control, but taking a hold of your reputation and utilizing these tips can help drive patients to your door, ensuring that your business will flourish for years to come.