Being a physician is a 24-hour job. You have to provide care to your patients when they need, even if you have closed your clinic for your day.

The nature of your work is such that the need for a physician can arise anytime, even after business hours and weekends. During medical emergencies, your patients turn to their trusted physicians for counsel. However, are you really able to attend all your calls? What if the one you missed was dangling between life and death? This is the reason, every call that comes at a doctor’s office is an important one and cannot be missed.

At the same time, not all calls are urgent. Some can wait until the next morning, others could be answered by simply checking the website. But you have to answer all these calls and the subsequent concerns with equal amounts of courtesy. Even if this is part of your job, it can be time-consuming and take away precious time that could have been used to cater to more patients.

But luckily, you no longer have to toggle between administrative duties as well as core competencies of your work. You can consider hiring an answering service that has been specifically tailored to match your practice and work as an extension of your business. These services not only help you give personalized care to your patients but also take away non-core duties off your hands and make your practice more efficient.

In this article, we will see how a medical answering service can help you make your business better.

It saves you money

You know that in today’s world, time is money. The longer your staff spends on the phone, the more a useful resource is being wasted in doing tasks that do not add to your business growth. Many businesses often forgo the option of hiring an external vendor thinking of it an unnecessary expense. However, what if we told you that Doctors Answering Service Cost is nowhere near the money you will save by taking their help? When you hire medical answering services, you get tons of options such as after-hours calls such as 24/7 care and one point of contact for your practice. The beauty of this business is that you only pay for the time the agents spend on the phone answering the calls for your practice and not the idle time in between. Moreover, you are no longer required to hire multiple receptionists to answer your calls because your service provider will do that for you. Imagine all the money you will save by reducing the employee cost by hiring fewer staff.

Get more time to create a work-life balance

Physicians rarely ever get downtime to chill and relax with their friends and family members. But with hiring a medical answering service, you can now free up a lot of your time that can be used for a variety of other things. You will only be contacted during an absolute emergency after hours. These live operators are trained to evaluate every call before transferring it to the physician. They are also provided basic training to provide support for issues such as appointment handling, website issues, information-seeking callers etc.

Reduces the wait time

If you are busy, so are your patients. Wasting their time as you handle other patients can be infuriating. But with a medical answering service provider, you will be able to reduce the hold time and address each of these calls as quickly as possible. Live operators also use approved customized scripts that act as an extension of your office.

Stay within the compliance requirements

Patient privacy is the most important aspect of HIPAA requirements. By choosing a HIPAA-compliant service provider, you can eliminate the risk of violating patient privacy and trustfully handover your patient’s records to the vendor.

Maintain records

The agents that you hire for your medical answering service are always working towards making your practice efficient. When they are not answering calls for you, they are keeping a record of your health practices safe. All calls made through your outsourced answering service is recorded and time-stamped to provide accurate records when required.

Increases profitability

It goes without saying that the biggest reason doctors hire medical answering services is to expand their business and increase their profits. They help you save valuable time and make your operations smooth. As a result, patients trust your brand more and recommend you over others. Most importantly, these vendors also ensure that all the appointments are handled with accuracy and promptness.

A medical answering service provider works closely with you to work as part of your practice and help you with your non-core duties as you increase scope of your business as well as capacity.