“Relapse” is a word no victim undergoing addiction treatment wants to hear. The word brings horror with it, in the sound, the likelihood, and the actual experience. Yet, this is the fight rehab, and detox centers have to do on behalf of every patient under their care. This phenomenon has also posed a significant problem for the government, which is constantly facing worsening addiction statistics.


In the space of a dozen months, relapse records an 85% rate among people making efforts to fight addiction. Even though relapse is a lifelong possibility for those who are confronting various forms of addiction, research has proved that the probability of having one is at its peak within the first 3 months of detox.

These 3 crucial months must be taken very seriously by all stakeholders involved in the management of addiction.


It has become very glaring, the fact that detox alone is not a sufficient measure in the treatment of addiction. A different approach to the fight against addiction has to be implemented, and one organization is stepping up to the challenge with a different approach to detoxification and rehabilitation.


Dr. Vikram Tarugu, a renowned gastroenterologist of over 25 years of experience in medical practice and a consultant for a significant number of rehabilitation centers, has put together a team of experts to form the number one detox and rehabilitation center in South Florida.

The Detox of South Florida is a substance abuse recovery facility that combines the healthiest and most comprehensive detox regimen with a robust and extended rehabilitation program to provide the best chance for victims of addiction to escape the horrific experience of relapse.

Detox of South Florida has introduced a paradigm in the detox and rehab sector.


Detox of South Florida provides alcohol detox and rehabilitation that deviates from the norm. A priority of this program is to first bring the patient into a realization that they are addicted to alcohol, and that it is responsible for the complications that they face. This approach, which is executed in a patient, gentle, and charismatic disposition coupled with an extensive rehabilitation program, is the key to the outstanding success of their alcohol rehab and detox program.

When victims of alcohol addiction get to understand the root of the problem instead of just going through a rehab scheme, they will more easily cooperate with the system and be determined to succeed in breaking free from the addiction.


Drug addiction is a very disturbing trend in the United States. With millions of people, especially teens, getting addicted every year, this leading rehab center is well-positioned to provide the most effective redox and rehabilitation solutions for drug-related addictions.

They render help for cocaine, heroin, methadone, fentanyl, and methamphetamine addictions with the most impressive success rates.


The elderly are some of the most susceptible to drug and substance abuse. Aging opens the door to a myriad of health issues and complications which trigger the elderly to a desperate quest for relief in almost any form of solution they can think of, especially prescription drugs and alcohol.

Dr. Tarugu and his team of experts know just how to handle this demographic of addiction victims to give them a new start to life, complete with the appropriate treatment and counseling even for those age-related health issues that led to addiction.


Our military men and women risk their lives for the protection and safety of the nation. These operations involve a regimental way of life and deep psychological adjustments, which are very difficult to outgrow even when they come back home, veterans struggle with adjusting to society, a new way of life, and relating smoothly with civilians. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depressions, and insomnia are also very prominent on the exhaustive list of challenges veterans face every day.

Failure to cope with these problems leads many to addiction and even suicide. Detox of South Florida has experts, facilities, and techniques to help veterans make a seamless transition to civilian life.

The relapse rate of South Florida has witnessed a sharp reduction with the intervention of Dr. Tarugu and his team of experts. We can safely conclude that a new era has been ushered into the detoxification and rehabilitation sector of medical care across the South of Florida, and the notoriety of substance abuse/relapse in South Florida is about to take the back seat.