Nerve pain, regardless of the body part and severity, can take a toll on your life. Leaving this health problem unaddressed can eventually result in severe tingling and numbness in your feet and hands, along with the inability to feel pain. In some cases, nerve pain can also cause severe muscle cramping and twitching that can limit your range of motion and ability to work. It can be intimidating to live with severe nerve pain. Tolerating the pain sometimes becomes out of control, and that’s where Nerve Control 911 claims to help.

Although common, nerve pain can worsen over time, significantly taking a toll on your life. Hence, once you feel any symptoms of nerve pain, you should immediately look for ways to treat the problem. You don’t want to reduce your daily productivity at work or drastically change your lifestyle just because of nerve pain, right? 

Multiple websites, such as NervePainTreatment, and other reliable online platforms can help you treat this health condition with ease.

Aside from checking online resources, here are some easy ways to relieve nerve pain:

Manage Diabetes

One of the most common causes of nerve pain is diabetes. This health condition can cause the levels of glucose in your blood (or blood sugar) to increase at a very drastic rate and injure the nerves. Chronic diabetes can cause severe nerve injuries, even when you engage in lesser physical activities.

If you don’t want any of these to happen, exert time and effort to keep your blood sugar under control. Making sure that your blood sugar is maintained at normal levels is one of the easiest and most effective ways to prevent diabetic nerve pain. 

You can achieve this goal by adding the following practices to your daily routine:

  • Eat fewer carbs: If you have diabetes, avoid foods that contain refined carbs, such as sugar and white flour. These compounds can affect your blood sugar the most, causing it to surge rapidly.
  • Watch your serving sizes: Aside from the quality, you should also pay attention to the number of meals you eat regularly. When you have diabetes, it’s best if you gradually shrink your food portions and fill half of your plate with veggies, about a quarter of protein, and the other quarter with starch and healthy carbs.
  • Get fitter and stronger: You should start living an active lifestyle when you have diabetes. Exercising regularly can cause your body to convert more glucose and turn it into energy.

Pamper Your Feet

If you’re experiencing nerve pain, specifically on your feet, make sure that you change your routine to better pamper your feet. Your feet are one of the most important parts of your body because your mobility and productivity depend on it.

For you to effectively treat nerve pain, regularly focus on good foot care. You can do this by examining your feet every day, seeing a podiatrist monthly, and wearing a comfortable pair of shoes regularly. 

Seeing any wound or injury to your feet should prompt you to immediately consult a medical professional.

Skip Happy Hour

Drinking alcohol moderately can provide several health benefits. For one, moderate alcohol consumption can actually reduce your risk of developing different types of heart diseases. However, going overboard with your alcohol consumption can also result in health consequences, such as nerve pain.

Heavy alcohol consumption can become very toxic to your nerves and worsen recurring nerve pain. Your efforts to stay healthy and become physically active in order to treat nerve pain will be useless if you’re still chugging beer mugs every day.

You can prevent nerve pain by skipping happy hours. If possible, lessen your alcohol consumption to four glasses every week. If you can survive an entire week without drinking alcohol, the better.

 Sleep Well Every Night

Sleep is vital for your overall health and wellness. It’ll be challenging for you to maintain optimal health if you’re regularly losing sleep. 

This might come as a surprise, but the duration and quality of your sleep can also affect your susceptibility to nerve pain. Since sleep serves as your body’s natural process to heal damaged nerves and muscle, getting less shuteye every night will make it hard for you to cope with nerve pain.

Another way to treat nerve pain is to stick to healthier sleeping habits. You can do this by limiting your afternoon caffeine intake, maintaining a consistent bedtime that allows you to sleep for at least eight hours, and turning your bedroom into a relaxing sanctuary.

 Numb It Out

Because of the advances in the healthcare industry, there are now a lot of products that can help you combat nerve pain. The anesthetic lidocaine, for example, is known to provide immediate relief from nerve pain once applied topically. You can buy this treatment in gels, ointments, or patches.

Treat Nerve Pain For Good

If you want to prevent or manage nerve pain for good, exert extra time and effort to prevent falls around your home. This is especially true for seniors who currently have issues with mobility. 

Aside from this, you should also protect your hands and feet when you’re indoors and outdoors. The more strategies you use to get rid of nerve pain, the sooner you can enjoy the long-term benefits!

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