As far as we know, Coronavirus disease (Covid19) originated in a remote part of China in the fag-end of 2019. Within few days, weeks and months Covid19 has spread across other towns, cities, states in China as well as other Asian countries and other continents across the globe that the UN declared this as a pandemic!

This latest crisis that humanity faces today reminds and teaches all of us about the following:

1. We, humans, are well connected to each other, wherever we reside in this globe.
2. Human beings are equally vulnerable for this scale of the pandemic, wherever they are in.
3. Geo-political borders of nations and continents do exist only in human minds, and not in
4. There is no real relevance to the concepts of ‘Rich Nations’ and ‘Poor Nations’.
5. Our personal financial status doesn’t really matter; the virus can affect us all.
6. Cast, creed and our religious faith are irrelevant; this affects everyone.
7. One doesn’t know whether the Covid 19 will be last ‘biological tsunami’ this mankind is
facing or more dangerous ones are in the pipeline.
8. Is humanity prepared enough to take heads-on with this Pandemic in future?

If the entire humanity is so close and well-connected to each other, the only way that can take us forward in overcoming the crises is the very realization of  ONENESS” in all of us. It is now evident that overexploitation of our environment/nature in one corner of the globe will affect the entire world. Pollution of natural elements like air, water and land in one part of the earth will affect the entire world. This pandemic also brings in new challenges and opportunities to us. Most of us are forced to work from home (WFH) these days; this crisis reminds that no one is that relevant in the corporate world that they need to travel to the office on a daily basis.

This new challenge has the following benefits:

(a) Less time ‘spent’ by individuals travelling from residence to office, including
several international and domestic business travels;
(b) Less usage of fossil fuels resulting in less air pollution and pollution across our skies;
(c) More time at home can be spent with ones’ family;
(d) One can pursue those long-cherished hobbies;
(e) People can upskill themselves through e-training and e-learning on sales, products,
soft-skills and the likes;
(f) One may invest the free time in sports and physical activities, maintain the
required social-distancing;
(g) Yoga and meditation can be pursued to be mentally relaxed and fit;
(h) Can implement ‘frugal-living’ and not to hoard the groceries, food and veggies and
can bring financial discipline in life;
(i) One can volunteer themselves to help the elderly and needy during this crisis in
whatever possible ways;
(j) Stay away from the negative and fake news and rumours in social media, print and
televisions that bombard us from all directions 24 X 7 these days;
(k) One can take up “digital detox” during this period and can withdraw from digital
(l) We can be physically active at home by carrying out domestic chores manually and
giving all the gadgets rest for a few days;
(m) We can try our hands in new forms of art and craft during the free time;
(n) One can learn music, dance or theatre;
(o) We can ring up those old friends and neighbours to find out their well-being and reconnect ourselves with them whilst maintaining social distancing.

In short, Covid 19 today has brought in us more sensitivity and empathy towards our fellow human beings, the environment and the universe. The world can be a better place if each one of us changes ourselves to be a better person first. Let us remove hatred, social and financial discrimination among nations, communities and people. Let us all work together for the progress of Humanity.

Among the spiritual treasures of the Indian tradition is the crown jewel of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, the idea that the world is one family as found in eminent scriptures. The entire world constitutes but a family. Now is the time to change both the microcosm and macrocosm

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Mr. Sivaraj Ananthakrishnan is an excellent motivational speaker, life coach and corporate trainer. He believes in transforming people by unlocking their latent potential. He helps people achieve their life’s goals. Sivaraj brings forth his global multi-cultural experience in the personal development domain in all his training sessions. Mr. Sivaraj is a unique trainer having excellent communication and story-telling skills, whose power-packed sessions have always been intertwined with fun and frolic with profound learning takeaways for the participants. Mr. Sivaraj has 27+ years of rich techno-commercial experience in procurement and contracts management of large and complex infrastructure projects globally in Energy, Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy and Power space. A certified corporate trainer from the reputed Indian Academy of Training & Development (IATD) Sivaraj has done Contract Laws from Harvard Law School, in addition to his bachelor’s degree in Engineering. Mr.Sivaraj is a member of the following national and international bodies - IACCM, Institute of Engineers (India), Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), PMI, ASSE and Kuwait Society of Engineers (KSE), to name a few. His life mantra is “Aim Beyond Excellence”.

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