Our skin, even in the best of health, continually teems with bacteria, and our hands are no exception to this. Most of the bacteria rarely cause any trouble, and even if they do, it is under some particular circumstances. But everyone carries potentially dangerous germs from time to time, like the intestinal bacteria that can cause food poisoning and diarrhea and such others. Ironically, health care personnel are the ones more likely to carry the harmful ones, with an average of five million bacteria per hand. So, the need to maintain proper personal hygiene needs no more emphasis than this, especially at a time when the whole world is under quarantine due to microbial infection.

Washing Hands – Does It Work?

 When we talk about personal hygiene, the first thing at the top of the list is washing your hands. Something that is often preached but seldom practiced. When the American Society for Microbiology surveyed public restrooms around the country, they found that only 83% of people washed their hands after using the toilet. So why is washing hands essential? Because just 30 seconds of simple handwashing with soap and water reduces bacteria in our hands by 58% when an alcohol-based cleaner is used. It is reduced by 83%, and when you use an Automatic Soap Dispenser, it is like icing on a cake! 

What is an automatic soap Dispenser?

An automatic soap dispenser is an innovative electronic device that can be used in both domestic and commercial spaces. They are an advanced version of hand wash dispensers that you might have come across in a restaurant or theatre, and what makes them different is the quality that they are touch-less. This makes it more hygienic since you are not touching something that thousands of people have touched already. They use built-in infrared motion sensors that dispense soap on sensing entirely hands-free making it more hygienic. 

Why and How Is It Better?

The one primary reason why you should use it is that it eliminates a common point of contact where the transfer of germs can take place. Using soap dispensers of commercial spaces could cause more harm than good. A study led by Dr.Charles Gerba, a microbiologist from the University of Arizona, found that one in four soap dispensers in public restrooms is contaminated. This is because once the hand wash dispensers are empty, new liquid soap is poured into it in bulk, which in some time becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. So instead of this, the soap dispensers should be refilled with sealed soap solutions to prevent bacterial infestation. This is easily done with an automatic dispenser.

A Must Have For Every Household

 So, it’s clear now that automatic hand wash dispensers are a better choice when it comes to personal hygiene in public places. If that is the case, then why can’t it be the same for our households. It’s the better choice since it provides better personal hygiene, the importance of which needs no emphasis, especially with the way COVID-19 has taken a stranglehold of the world. These liquid dispensers also attract attention because of their unique function, which can boost compliance with hygiene, especially among children. They are programmed to dispense the right amount of soap needed for clean hands, so there’s no room for overuse, which makes it more economical in the long run. This feature is adjustable according to our needs. They are easy to install and prevent leakage, which helps in maintaining cleanliness. They are easy to refill and very affordable.

Myscree Liquid Dispenser

So, it is no brainer that an automatic soap dispenser is a must-have for all households. While there are plenty of options available, I’d like to suggest the liquid dispenser by Myscree. This multipurpose device can be filled with any soap, sanitizer, or shampoo. It can be filled with the dish as liquids as well, making it a complete household item. It comes with silicon valves which prevent leakage when not in use. The device is waterproof as well, so you needn’t worry about it falling into the water. The device runs on batteries, which means no wires, making it safe for use around water. The body, too, does not react with moisture in the air, so you can keep them right near your shower to hold your shampoo. The design is sleek, stylish, and robotic themed, which lends a futuristic look to the whole room. So invest in an Electronic soap dispenser to ensure top-notch hygiene for you and your family!