The world is on the verge of a new era in medicine and peptides have promising potential in becoming the future’s biggest it-drug. But why peptides, how do they work and what’s the science behind them?

Speaking with fashion terms peptides are the new black in today’s pharmacy. Specifically, the short ones, consisting of 2 to 4 amino acids. Many studies have shown that those ultra-short chains of amino acids have a positive impact on the overall health and healthy functioning of a particular tissue (like skin or brain).

The so-called smart molecules of peptides raise signals between DNA and cells activating the synthesis of proteins. That means peptides improve the expression of genes and as a result, we have better regeneration of our cells leading to the recovery of our body.

What is Epitalon and what it’s benefits

Epitalon is an artificial tetrapeptide that is similar to a natural one extracted from the epiphysis of animals. Epitalon has shown its geroprotective(anti-aging) activity during multiple studies. Particularly it increased lifespan, restored circadian rhythms and prolonged the functional integrity of the eye retina of various animals. Also, Epitalon improved the visual functions in patients with pigmental retinal degeneration.

Also, Epitalon has the ability to restore and stabilize telomeres which are the areas of DNA responsible for health and youth. Overtime telomeres shorten and become too small and week to maintain cell division. The disrupted signal between DNA and cells start the aging process. Epitalon gets into interaction with telomers restoring their length and normal functioning which leads to better regeneration of cells youthing the body.

During human clinical studies of Epitalon have significantly increased telomere lengths of patients of ages 60-80.

Epitalon and the pineal gland

The (or epiphysis) is located in the very center of the brain and plays a key role in all body systems. It produces about 40 types of bioactive compounds and affects overall physical health. The primal function of which is the production of melatonin the hormone regulating our sleep patterns. Melatonin regulates our hormonal, nervous and immune systems.

Epitalon restores the healthy functioning of the pineal gland. As a result, it has the following effect on the human body

  • slows down the aging process;
  • restores metabolism in brain cells;
  • restores circadian rhythms, eliminates insomnia and hypersomnia;
  • stabilizes immune, hormonal and neuroendocrine systems (Epitalon normalizes healthy functioning of the pineal gland that regulates hormones and immunity);
  • supports the body during seasonal epidemics
  • beats jet lag;
  • helps our body to cope with physical and emotional stress.

Epitalon reduces peptide deficiency and restores protein synthesis inside cells of the brain and central nervous system thus normalizing their functions.

Epitalon comes in the form of dietary supplements or spray. Please talk to your doctor before taking Epitalon.