Online therapy is soon becoming one of the most popular models for support for the young generation and the key counseling services and their provisions are all helping people get out of their mental health issues with ease. There are already several studies which prove that internet counseling when amalgamated with cognitive behavioral therapy can have a great impact on clinical issues. Online therapy refers to counseling services online via chat rooms, emails or webcams.

However, there is a constant debate on the effectiveness of this form of online counseling. Let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of online counseling.

Pros of Online Therapy


Web counseling is very easily accessible to anyone who prefers using it. In fact, online therapy overcomes all sorts of obstacles which might preclude others from seeking any kind of therapy. People who reside in remote places where there are no traditional counselors can benefit from online counseling.


Web counseling has been more economical for the therapist and the client. There are therapists who aren’t able to rent a commercial space due to overhead costs and other miscellaneous expenses. For them, going online is definitely one of the best options.


It is needless to mention that online therapy is extremely convenient. Both the client and the therapist have the ease of responding to each other at several times of the day. The therapist can schedule his services over a span of 24 hours and hence you can seek for assistance at any time of the day.


The absence of personal contact can prompt more patients to seek help as there is no concern about gender, race, age, physical appearance or size.

Cons of Online Therapy

Lack of Verbal Cues

Sometimes it is vital for the therapist to have a verbal interaction with the client so that he understands what the client is feeling. Lack of such micro-skills is one con of online counseling.

Technical Glitches

If your computer is not working or if you don’t have a strong internet connection, you won’t be able to get in touch with your counselor. There always remains a chance of servers crashing down and hence this is yet another pitfall of online therapy.

The pros of online therapy outweigh the cons and hence so many people never hesitate before seeking help of such an online therapy

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