A great smile goes a long way in making a lasting impression. The problem is that, sometimes, people opt to not smile because of being embarrassed by the appearance of their teeth. Often, they have missing teeth because of an accident or due to decay.

When people have teeth missing, their facial muscles sag, causing lop-sided smiles. Also, people with missing teeth can experience problems while chewing. Fortunately, dental professionals can repair smiles in various ways. One such method is by creating full or partial dentures. You can check out the site https://www.digitaldentistryatsouthpoint.com/dentures/ to know more about the procedure of getting dentures.

Dentures, What Are They?

Dentures, also known to many people as “false teeth,” are dental appliances that are removable and constructed as a replacement for missing teeth. They’re removable since they’re made of artificial or prosthetic teeth that are just attached to a supporting structure. They’re much cheaper when compared to bridges or dental implants, so they provide a cost-effective means for you to replace missing teeth.

What Are Different Denture Types?

Several different denture types exist. Their use will depend on whether you still have natural teeth remaining that can support them.

  • Partial DenturesThese dentures are used for patients who have only lost a few instead of all their teeth. They get anchored to gums, natural teeth, or connective structures that are usually made out of plastic or metal.
  • Complete Dentures – As opposed to partial dentures, full dentures are for patients who happen to have lost not only two or three, but all their teeth. Individuals who no longer have natural teeth in the mandibular (lower) or the maxillary (upper) arch, or possibly both, need this type of denture. They are placed and get supported by your jaw. Complete dentures sit directly on your gum.
  • Implant-Retained DenturesThese dentures make use of abutments that consist of titanium materials. They’re attached to your jawbone, and they’re more stable when compared to the conventional types of denture but still a relatively inexpensive option than implant restorations.
  • Immediate DenturesLike the name suggests, these dentures get placed as soon as your natural teeth are removed. Immediate dentures are used in instances where damaged teeth need removal before dentures can be applied. The whole process takes several months since you still have to allow the jaw and gums to heal before a denture that is custom-fit can be made. With this type of denture, patients will have the chance to continue leading life normally in the following months while still awaiting their dentures.

What Are The Benefits Of Getting Dentures?

Dentures can give a person a new, fully functioning set of teeth that restore their look and provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance by only paying a fraction of the total cost for implants. Dentures have three very important benefits, and they are the following:

  • Affordable Price – Of course, the number one reason why dentures are an excellent option for repairing your smile is that they’re affordable. They remain the least costly solution if you want to replace your missing teeth.
  • Cosmetic BenefitsAside from the price, dentures are also effective in supplying missing teeth. They help in preventing remaining teeth from further shifting. Dentures support your facial structure by giving the cheek and mouth their original definition. They help in restoring your smile and achieving a more youthful appearance.
  • Functional Benefits – The most important benefit of using dentures is that they help patients maximize oral function. Dentures also improve speech, helping you deliver a better quality of communication.

How To Take Care Of Dentures?

It’s essential to note that dentures have delicate materials. That said, they may break once dropped. That’s the reason why dentists strongly recommend storing your dentures in areas that are out of children’s and pet’s reach.

People with dentures are also encouraged to maintain habits that promote good oral health. For example, they should be cleaning their dentures every day using a soft-bristled toothbrush. This helps in removing stains, plaques, and food deposits. People with dentures shouldn’t forget to brush their palate, tongue, and gums before inserting back their dentures. An advantage of using dentures is that there are a lot of products available in the market that help in keeping them clean.

When wearing dentures, it’s normal to notice a difference in the way you chew foods or talk. As a result, it could be helpful to try chewing food on both sides of your mouth. Saying difficult words out loud may also help. These exercises enable new wearers of dentures to become comfortable with the new gear in their mouths. It goes a long way in boosting their confidence, so they won’t hesitate to show their beautiful new smile off.

Final Thoughts

Losing teeth is a problem that all people go through. However, some individuals go through it before others. The moment you experience loss of a permanent tooth, make an immediate appointment with a dentist; see him or her to receive appropriate advice and treatment solutions like dentures. This is particularly true if missing teeth lead to impairment of social and emotional well-being.

Additionally, according to dentist near me stafford, missing teeth may also lead to other dental problems such as bone loss and difficulty in chewing.

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