Blue screen protector glasses maintain creativity and productivity that we almost burn out of while sitting on the desk for hours. Many love to work from home, especially writers, creator or artists. We can never get the comfort of work that we feel within our homes rather than at the office. Though there’s no harm from working from the office, it’s just the sweet space of our homes that we can’t stop to admire and the homely environment with your pets makes every deadline less painful.

Why does work from Home means Long hours of Screen time?

Compared to the office hours, you are most needed there for 8 to 9 hours and you leave for home. You take rest from the use of a screen, eat your dinner, read a book and go to sleep. Work from home however unintentionally takes more hours to spend on the screen.

From the latest report by the network, NordVPN, it states that “we spend an additional three more hours when working from home compared to normal office timing.” The reason behind these extra hours could be finding the homely environment too comfortable to work and set the work-life balance. Believe me, it’s hard. There’s a massive concern for the additional hours of screen time on the health of the eyes.

What do Screens from computers or Smartphones do to our eyes?

While working from home, the one thing we all can rely on is our laptops and the internet for our work. The constant drill for new ideas and concepts makes the work fun and interesting, but it turns little too inconvenient for our eye health. All our digital devices emit harmful blue light rays that penetrate directly into the retina of our eyes. The undisturbed absorption of blue light rays in the eyes leads to constant visual discomforts like eye-strain, headaches, dry-eye, burning sensation, itching, red eyes and many more.

Blue light rays are high energy visible light that is also emitted from the sun and our LED lights but the closest hitting on is from our smartphones, laptops etc. All these discomforts to our eyes are disrupting our working cycle and we start to feel uneasiness towards getting back to the desk. Most of the time, it’s even difficult to open the eyes to the screens because of constant itchiness and scratching. Blue light rays even disrupt our sleeping pattern, if you are using your smartphone or laptop for some pending work or checking on the work, then you’ll stay awake for a longer time than you expected. Also checkout Swanwick night time glasses.

Blue light rays distort the sleep-inducing hormone called melatonin that is secreted to make us feel asleep at night. Due to stop in secretion, we tend to stay awake like our own as the blue light manipulates the brain to think its day time. As you are aware, not getting good hours of sleep, makes you irritated and exhausted in the morning. It feels like a bad hangover and you can’t even do things creative anymore until you get some sleep, you lose out your daily productivity dose. It’s not a one time case, it is excessively frequent among millennials and the working population, who kill their time scrolling through Facebook and Instagram rather than turning the time more resourceful. The most efficient solution from escaping such harsh conditions is wearing screen glasses.

What does Blue Screen Protector Glasses do?

Blue screen protector glasses are lenses with anti-reflective properties that effectively help you to fight our blue light rays penetration in your eyes. Blue screen protector glasses with its anti-reflective lenses block out or reflect harmful blue light rays falling on the eyes. It stops active transmission of blue light rays and eases out all the negative impacts on the eyes. When you wear Blue screen protector glasses, the visual discomfort like eye strain, headaches, dry eyes and all others are eradicated. You feel completely safe and comfortable while working on your desk as many hours as you wish.

Blue screen protector glasses also bring back your normal sleeping hours so that you can grow your inner Picasso out, and use your creativity to do good things in the world.

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