Routine exercise guided by a licensed chiropractor can help you heal injuries faster. But in some cases, whether the chiropractor is out of town or you’re unable to travel to his/her office, you’ll have to exercise without the real-time guidance of a chiropractor. Here are five exercises to help you:

Go with a Basic Stretch for Your Neck

Neck pain is the worst because this can radiate towards your jaws and head. A leading Chiropractor in Jonesboro GA advises doing regular neck stretches to improve its range of motion while preventing pulled muscles and painful ligaments. All you need to do is sit in a comfy position with your feet flat on the floor. Then you keep your back straight and your shoulders down. Now, put your neck to your chest and hold the position for two seconds. After, extend your neck, looking up into the ceiling, and then pause. Rotate your neck, facing one shoulder, and keep the position. Later, repeat this movement on the other side. When this is done, you must tilt your head to bring down your ear to one shoulder, hold for two seconds then repeat on the other side. Repeat these movements for 10 to 15 times.

Perform a Relaxing Child’s Pose

As its name implies, this traditional pose mimics the movement of children. This pose is great because it stimulates your glutes, spinal extensors, and hamstrings. More importantly, it relieves tense muscles and alleviates pain along your neck, spine, and shoulders. This promotes flexibility and blood circulation in the target areas. All you have to do is rest on the ground with your knees, then let your hips rest on your heels. Stretch your back and arms forward with your head touching the ground. Focus on breathing as you hold for one minute. Make sure your movements are slow and gentle. Do not force your body to the point of pain.

Try a Kneel-to-Chest Stretch

To help relax your glutes, thighs, and hips, perform this classic combo. All it entails is lying down on your back while making sure you keep both knees bent with your heels flat on the floor. Now, you must draw your right knee up into your chest, while clasping your shinbone with both hands. While in this position you must ensure that your tailbone is flat and your hips do not lift off from the floor. Take deep breaths while holding this pose for one to two minutes. Do this on the left leg. You may repeat these poses five to ten times to help loosen your muscles. This is an awesome stretch when you can’t get to your trusted chiro to help you relax. This pose will help you stay attuned with the muscles of your body.

Engage the Piriformis Muscle

This muscle is found deep within your buttock and working on this means you lessen your lower back pain. To do the piriformis stretch, lie down on your back with your knees bent. Your feet must be flat on the floor. Place your left ankle at the base of your right thigh. Then you must place your hands behind your right thigh. Now, gently pulls this upwards toward your chest until you feel that bit of stretch in your bum area. The goal is a gentle stretch but not pain. Keep this position for a minute or two, then repeat on your other side.

Do a Classic Seated Spinal Twist

This is a well-loved stretch for a good reason! When you do this, you work your back, glutes, and hips. Most of all, this stretch allows you to increase your spine’s mobility. It has a bonus of stretching your abs, neck, and shoulders. The best part, the gentle pressure of this movement stimulates your vital organs for optimal performance. All you have to do is sit upright on the floor with your legs stretched out. Then bend your right knee and cross your leg over your left thigh. Fold your left knee, while positioning your left foot under your bum. The right crossed foot must be firmly planted on the ground. Reach the right arm behind and anchor your right hand on the floor. Gently twist your body while raising your left arm upward. Do this for both sides.

Final Word

These five exercises are great for days when you or your chiropractor are unavailable. That being said, make sure you notify them of any plans to do these physical exercises beforehand to avoid any undesired side effects or sustain any more injuries. You could follow the fitness resolutions to help you when you cannot see your Chiropractor