COVID-19 and allergy season has struck at almost the same time in the U.S. The situation is frantic and chaotic and the only thing we all know for sure is personal protection. To fully defend against the plethora of threats against your respiratory system, you need to wear heavy-duty equipment and protection gear. All the places which are the hubs of virulent activity must be traversed with extreme caution. This includes supermarkets, airports, and hospitals.

N-95 masks are also very important to wear at airports and other mass transit areas. There is usually a great rush of people, especially during morning and evening hours. Airports are a hub of activity all through the day. In these conditions, not taking precautionary measures is inviting diseases with open arms. Travelers and especially the workers stationed at these transit areas must take extra precautions. N-95 masks ensure that no liquid contaminants will be able to affect their immune systems. Airports are usually the breeding centers for influenza and other coronavirus types as well. The Industrial grade N-95 masks also protect the wearer from these diseases. For a more all-day comfortable fit, wear the BACOU-WILLSON 801.

It is a fact of common sense that while hospitals are usually the cleanest places, it is also easiest to catch a viral or bacterial infection there. There are patients of all ages and backgrounds. Therefore, one must take extra care while going to a clinic or a hospital. If you are a patient, you must wear an N-95 mask. It doesn’t matter if you have tested positive for COVID-19 or not. You must take appropriate precautionary measures to protect yourself and others around you. While no one around you or yourself might be showing symptoms, asymptomatic patients are quite common in COVID-19. You must put your safety and health above all else.

The healthcare professionals should definitely wear the Honeywell N-95 masks. Not only do these sit more comfortably, but these also mold to the facial contours. Hence, the doctors and nurses can wear these for a longer time while treating patients. The Honeywell nozzle also helps them breathe easier and doesn’t retain smells inside it. This makes the job easier for healthcare professionals. There are procedures in place for discarding these masks after a few hours of usage. Even when not treating patients, healthcare professionals should still use N-95 masks to make sure they don’t transmit the disease to someone else. For this purpose, another variety of N-95 namely the Particulate Respirators used. It is lighter, more comfortable, and filters the same amount as Honeywell. Healthcare professionals should also take special care to keep their healthcare scrubs and PPE clean. This will lead to fewer victims among the medical staff by COVID-19. Doctors and nurses should be equipped with the best scrubs available so their performance isn’t affected. Get these scrubs from wink deals for guaranteed quality and low prices.

COVID-19 is not a trivial matter by any means. Protect yourself and your family by getting the best products we have to offer.

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