While being pregnant is a precious time for a lot of women, it can also be a challenging time to get good quality rest. If you’re struggling with how to sleep when pregnant, you aren’t alone – many pregnant women have trouble sleeping because of the physical changes happening to their bodies. Check out this website to learn more about struggles to sleep during pregnancy. 

If you can’t sleep during pregnancy, there are a few tried and tested ways when it comes to how to sleep better that you can apply to your nightly routine. Whether it’s investing in the best mattress for your comfort or regulating your body temperature through the night, here are some top tips for tackling your trouble sleeping. 

Finding the best mattress for you 

Pressure relief mattress has been shown to have a host of benefits to those trying to work out how to sleep during pregnancy. When you’re pregnant, you’re prone to far more sleeping disorders: these include insomnia, restless leg syndrome, and sleep apnea. 

The best memory foam mattresses tend to be designed to reduce some of these common symptoms, providing contouring and pressure point relief for women who undergo discomfort in this regard. The firmness and motion isolating capabilities of memory foam mattresses also make it an additional good choice for those looking to learn how to sleep better.

Making sure you’ve optimised your sleep set-up 

If you struggle with trouble sleeping while you’re pregnant, even the best mattress may not work to solve pressure you feel with laying down or being in a certain posture for too long. 

This is where an adjustable bed frame might come in handy. Depending on the type you decide to invest in, an adjustable bed frame can actually go a long way in providing comfort and support to pregnant sleepers. 

Adjustable bed frames allow for flexibility when it comes to those who require specific pressure relief. Depending on the type you go for, some even come with massage zones that further help keep you in a calm state as you fall asleep.

Making sure you’re sleeping and waking up at the same times

When you’re pregnant, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the changes around you, and getting used to juggling your responsibilities means self-care can take the backseat. 

This is why it’s so crucial that you make the time to get adequate amounts of sleep by scheduling the time you will go to bed and rise every day.

 A cosy memory foam mattress can go a long way in incentivizing your bedtime, as can a nightly routine that primes your body for a calm and relaxing night. 

Sleep on your left side 

Doctors recommend sleeping on the left side of your body during the final trimester of your pregnancy. This is usually best for your baby since it increases the flow of blood and nutrients to the fetus itself. 

The best mattresses, especially when it comes to memory foam mattresses, are designed to mold themselves to the contours of your body. This is particularly useful for pregnant women who have trouble sleeping because they’re having to adapt to a new sleeping position.

Be sure to keep cool

Temperature affects all adults and can actually have a pretty significant impact on the quality of their sleep. This becomes even more important when you’re pregnant, as keeping cool becomes much harder to do when you’re carrying a baby. Having a bed frame that encourages airflow, and ensuring that you do some research into cooling mattresses, can both help with keeping yourself comfortable during your rest. 

Pregnancy is an emotionally intense period of anyone’s life, so it’s important to make the journey as comfortable and cozy as you can, and that starts with sleep. Ensuring you’ve invested in the top rated mattress and adjustable bed frame for your needs, have developed a calming night routine, and have set up your bedroom to avoid any other distractions, will have you sleeping as peacefully as your baby will be.