Currently, the world is going through a rough phase, which we guess no one would have predicted. Coronavirus has caused the economy to collapse and people are trapped in their houses only. With the increase in a number of COVID-19 cases and deaths due to it, everyone is waiting for the ray of hope amid the darkness.

WHO is trying to make people aware in many ways. If you are using Snapchat you might have seen the true or false or you can say myth or fact game. Even social media platforms are doing their best to bust the myth. So we are!

Misconceptions around Coronavirus are spreading faster than the virus itself. And we all agree that myths and rumors are something that leads us to the wrong pathway and negative decisions. 

Here Health Club Finder has mentioned a few coronavirus myths with the stated facts to save you from the uncertainties. Stay Focused!

Myth: The spread of the virus will lessen with the heat of the coming spring/summer, as it can’t survive in the heat.

Fact: It is true that the virus survives in winter better, but there is no scientifically proven fact that it can’t survive in heat or higher temperatures. So believing it might lead you to disappointment.

Myth: Taking a hot bath can make you free from coronavirus.

Fact: A total fake information. Regarding this, WHO also said, hot bath can’t cure coronavirus, as the body temperature remains the same as 36.5°C to 37°C, no matter the temperature of your bath. Moreover, you can burn yourself with hot water.

Myth: Bats caused the Coronavirus!

Fact: There is no firm evidence that the bat is the source of this. Though it is believed that it was transferred to human beings from animals only, some experts also believe that it was transferred from the snake, as they were also sold in the Wuhan market place. The exact source of origin is still unknown. Scientists are working on the same.

Myth: Gaumutra/cow urine can save you from this virus.

Fact: Indian People are promoting this and an event was also organized where people gathered to drink Gaumutra to stay safe from the Coronavirus, but there is no medicinal proof for that.

Myth: Hand dryer and UV lights can kill the virus.

Fact: No, it can’t, but using hand sanitizer and washing hands properly will! But UV rays are harmful to skin and can cause irritation.

Myth: Only older people and younger children are at risk.

Fact: Till now, the maximum number of cases and deaths recorded are of older people, but that is a myth. Any person with a low immune system is at risk. Younger people can also get affected by the virus, but the symptoms may show up a little late.

Myth: Consuming garlic will keep you away from coronavirus.

Fact: Garlic is good for your health. It can slow down or stop the growth of bacteria and corona is a virus. There is a difference. And there is no such proof that it can protect you against the COVID-19

Myth: You shouldn’t eat meat, it can cause you Coronavirus.

Fact: There is nothing to worry about. The disease doesn’t spread through the meat, flesh, or fish. It is transmitted through the physical contact and droplets on the cough or sneeze of an infected person.

Myth: Check whether you are suffering from COVID-19 or not – Hold your breath for 10 seconds, if you can do it then you don’t have nCOV. 

Fact: A younger person can hold its breath for upto 60 seconds. That doesn’t mean he isn’t suffering from the coronavirus. If an older person can’t hold its breath for 10 seconds, that doesn’t mean he is suffering from the virus.

Spread Truth and Positivity, Not Rumours and False News

These are a few myths that you need to stay away from, next time you see any forwarded message, add the fact to it and then circulate on the Whatsapp group. And for more information regarding coronavirus update, you can visit the official website of WHO. The Coronavirus FAQ page will also help you in getting the proper knowledge.