What Is Synthetic Urine?

Synthetic urine is a powdered substance that is made up of all of the standard components of natural urine except for the hints of illegal substances or otherwise, that might be in your own natural urine. It has been powdered so that it can be easily stored over long periods of time, shelf-stable, and so that it can be mixed and made easily per personal requirements. To learn more about synthetic urine read more about it below.

Can You Use Fake Pee To Pass A Drug Test?

If mixed and done right you can use synthetic urine to pass a drug test. There are a lot of considerations to remember and not all formulations are foolproof. Certain types of testing locations have different procedures that can make it difficult to bring the liquid into the testing station. Further, some tests actually detect certain chemicals in some kinds of powders that are used to preserve the powder over time. So, it is always important to do your homework about the testing location and the synthetic powder before you try to evade certain results. To learn where to buy it and how to use it read more about it below.

Where Can You Buy Synthetic Urine?

Synthetic urine can be difficult to find locally. It is actually outlawed in many states as a device to evade testing requirements. Therefore it has been more commonly sold in sex shops and smoke shops as a novelty item or a kinky item. Marketing of the product matters. Though you may be able to find it in a local shop, you still need to buy the best product possible to ensure that it can actually be used to pass a drug test. Some of the higher quality products will include self-warming crystals that activate when added to water. Also, they shouldn’t contain preservative compounds that can be recognized by the lab tests in higher quality testing stations.

How Do You Use Synthetic Pee?

It is all about the mix. Think about natural pee. It has a certain color, smell, consistency, composition, heat, and froth. Your fake pee needs to mimic this exactly, otherwise, the lab technician will be able to tell it’s fake without even testing the chemical makeup. Make a test run before you do it for real. Make sure you are fully aware of how it works and how to do it.

Mix enough of the dry powder in water to get the color and odor you want. Warm it up in a microwave to test the temperature. Make sure you have a small digital thermometer to measure the temperature. The lab may do this. If it isn’t between 96-100 degrees then it is immediately labeled fake and you will fail. Check out the slight froth and make sure it looks real. Finally, make sure you have a good way of transporting it into the testing center without detection while keeping it warm. You can use a small disposable handwarmer to help out keeping it warm.