What Makes A Good Synthetic Urine Kit?

If you are looking to buy a fake urine kit then you should check out the guide on noon proposition. Synthetic urine can come from many companies but you need to be concerned specifically with what characteristics are important for it to pass a drug test. Not all synthetic urine kits will help you pass a drug test. Some kits are just trash and useless except for joke situations. Be careful when you are buying the kits locally as they most likely aren’t the highest quality or readily available to help you pass a drug test. The guide on noon proposition will help you determine what the best kit is. However, the contents and recommendations are summarized here for easy reference.

If the goal is to pass a drug test then you need to consider what you are testing for and how the testing is done. Here are the considerations.

  • It must look and smell like urine.
  • It must have a similar composition to urine.
  • It must have a similar temperature to urine.
  • It must be a bit frothy like urine.
  • It must not have any extra chemicals in it that could be detected by the tests.

How Do You Use Fake Pee To Pass A Drug Test?

It is all about the practice. There are two primary components to the test. First, there is the obvious chemical composition. There isn’t much you can do about this besides buying the highest quality mix on the market. Second, the mechanics of peeing it into a cup is important. You physically need to get the synthetic urine into the testing center without being observed.

It is a good idea to check out the center before you have to do the test to see how the process works. It is also vital that you practice making the solution multiple times and practice heating it up to the right temperature. The temperature must be between 90 and 100 degrees to be accepted for testing otherwise it is rejected and you will fail.

Are There Brands To Avoid?

Yes, there are always brands to avoid. The top brands that you will see in local shops are Magnum, Xstream, and U Pass. These brands may look enticing but if you look at the ingredients you can easily tell that the quality is lacking. These are good for joke or kink situations, but little else. Look elsewhere for your go-to brands of quality synthetic urine for a drug test.

What Are The Best Synthetic Urine Brands?

The best brands and most popular brands on the market specifically for defeating drug tests are Quick Luck, Sub Solution Powdered Urine Kit, and Quick Fix 6.2. These all contain the right chemical components and urea to fool most drug tests. Remember that half of the work is practice. So, when you are ready to start the process buy multiples so that you can test everything out before you walk into the testing center.